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Bloody Diarrhea-like Stool and Vomitting

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My cat, Ginger, is only 6 years old. Every summer, generally, she has some type of allergies; typically, it's just her nose gets a little raw and we bring her into the vet. for some depo-provera and that generally does the trick for a year. We've attempted to see what was the cause of the allergies, but we don't think it's food since she's been on Science Diet when the raw nose comes back. The depo-provera and metronidazole (later explained) are the only two medicines other than general cat vaccinations she's ever received, also.

This year, however, not so much the case. One evening in July as I was coming home from work, I saw a small pile of bloody diarrhea on the carpet. I thought nothing of it at first; humans get diarrhea and it was probably something she ate that caused the blood (she does like to eat things). So I changed her kitty litter in hopes she'd go in that.

A few days later, two new bloody diarrhea piles appear and this time, a pile of vomit to go with it. I decide that night that I'd call the vet in the morning.

Morning comes, and in addition to the two bloody diarrhea piles last night, another two appear with four piles of vomit. So I call the vet ("Oh, it's probably just her allergies...") but since they are busy, they tell me to call the emergency referral clinic. I do so and they tell me she is welcome to come in. But first, I drop off a sample of the bloody diarrhea to the vet who later discovered there were "more rods than coccidia" in her feces at the time.

I decide to go out to get some carpet cleaner, and when I return, there's even more vomit. So I load her up and take her to the referral clinic where they notice she's got a fever (102.3, I believe if I remember right) and she's a little dehydrated. So they give her some fluids and have me put her on metronidazole.

This works for a few days, but it comes back. Eventually, I scrounge up enough money to take her to the vet for a few radiology exams, a urine test, a blood test, and some other tests. Nothing comes back with strange results, but one of the x-rays revealed her intestines looked a little inflammed. So we decide to just give her the depo-provera shot again to see how that works.

For three weeks, it worked wonderfully. But now, she had another bloody stool incident (this time more solid) the other night and this morning, I found two fresh piles of bloody diarrhea and she vomitted twice what seemed to be mucous.

I don't know what to do anymore, and I certainly can't afford another trip to the vet (I'm a first year college student with $15,500 in debt tacked on, and that's going to grow in the next three years). Any help that I can get would be very appreciated.
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I'm sorry you are having so much to worry about.

Your cat really needs to be seen by a vet that has some sort of knowledge of nutrition (good luck). This is something that none of us here can diagnose for you. She is very very ill and it might even be something that a specialist can figure out. She is counting on her mommy to help her feel better.

Lots of vets have payment plans because they realize that when something goes really wrong, we don't always have all the money up front.
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I'm not clear on what "more rods than coccidia" in her feces means, but here's a link on Coccidia: http://www.peteducation.com/article....&articleid=726

It seems like she's an indoor kitty, so unless she has been fighting a coccidia infection her whole life and it flairs up in summer, perhaps, because she has allergies and that stresses her system's ability to deal with the parasitic infection, I can't really speculate how this happened. But if there is coccidia present, it needs to be treated. This is just strange.

I would call the vet to get clear on the mention of coccidia.

Also, here's a link you may find helpful in helping to deal with her vet needs: http://www.hsus.org/pets/pet_care/wh...nary_care.html

She's already on a sensitive stomach formula? Is that what you meant by she's eating Science Diet?

And vets can run an allergy test on your kitty's blood just like they can with humans to identify the allergans that are bothering her.

You may also want to search for a cat-specific vet in your area.

Good luck, and I hope you solve this mystery soon!

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