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Opinions on best product for pee smell

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As we all know, a cat with a UTI can be known to pee elsewhere in the house, because the litterbox reminds them of the pain. There's also some "dribbling" that can get on things like couches and carpet.

With Mitties in the middle of a full blown UTI, I am smelling pee in the house for the first time ever. It's not pleasant, and I definitely don't want my landlord to come in and smell that. He wouldn't understand that she's sick and doesn't normally do this.

Long story shorty, I need something to rid my house of the smell. Febreeze and candles just mask the scent. I've heard some people talk about something called "Nature's Miracle."

What, in your opinion, works best on cat pee smell?
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I like Nature's Miracle the best. We actually buy it by the gallon. It's more economical that way and I only have to buy it every few months then. I have a spray bottle that I keep refilling.

We tried Simple Solution and a couple others, but for us Nature's Miracle is the way to go. Nothing else seems to work as well.
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I'll second Nature's Miracle. You need an enzyme cleaner; otherwise, the smell will stay around, and Mitties could decide to continue urinating there even after the UTI. Petsmart or Petco will have a variety of enzyme cleaners in the cat section. They also have "multi-pet" versions in the dog section, but the cat-specific ones are stronger, and imo, work better on cat pee. In order to take care of it all, you might also want to buy a black light, because the urine spots will glow under the black light.
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I also rec Nature's Miracle... by far works the best!
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We've used Nature's Miracle (available at most supermarkets and pet stores), however, we've found a product called Nok-Out has worked better for us. We order it online:


Unless it is carpeting, we treat with Nok-Out (or whatever you choose) first, then wash it. The good thing about Nok-Out is that you can also add it to the wash.

For carpeting and upholstered furniture, we always cover the affected area with aluminum foil to prevent kitty from being attracted to using the same place again while the product is drying. Depending upon how badly soiled it is to begin with, it can take a few days to dry, and may need to be treated again.

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Have you found all the urine spots? This TCS article: http://www.thecatsite.com/Care/48/Combat-Cat-Urine.html
tells you how to use a black light to find the spots. Be sure to catch the link to page 2 of the article at the bottom of the page.

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Thanks! I'll research all these suggestions and I think I'll try Nature's Miracle first. Her pee spots are not very saturated, just dribbles. She is thoroughly embarrassed that she is even having a problem and that Mommy has to tell the whole world about it. I hope (and she does too) that she is feeling better soon.
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