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I read up on the stickied posts about urination problems, but my story is a little different. My kitten is 3 months old, she was very good about using her box at first. When I started introducing her to the other pets in the house, everything went fine, she gets along with the Sheltie really well, and the 2 older cats ignore her mostly. Soon after they all were used to each other, I came home and noticed that she had peed on my un-made bed.

I washed the sheets the next day and made my bed before I left home, but unfortunately the smell of pee was still there, and she continued to pee on the bed, about 50% of the time (and in the litter box correctly the rest of the time).

I've tried many remedies: Odor-neutralizing and Urination discouraging sprays, heavily-washing the bedding, moving the litter box, unscented litter, daily scooping, vinegar...

Finally, I found 2 solutions that seemed to drastically help: When I leave the house, I put her food and water up on the bed....this discourages her from urinationg where she dines, also I began putting my comforter in the closet, since it seemed to be what she liked to pee in the most. This has seemed to work for several months.

Also, I didn't know that her habits may be a sign of a UTI, I will be sure to ask the vet about it! But I thought I'd get my story out there and let ypou know what really helped me.