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F1 pictures 56% Asian Leopard Cat

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Here's Bakula. She'll be mated to Odin and Kahekili when she's old enough. Right now she's enjoying herself completely being a kitten. She's quite the little terror and has an endless amount of energy.

As you can see, even half ALC kittens have big ears when they're youngin's.

She was panting in most of the photos from playing so hard.

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She's so gorgeous. Where does the 6% come from? And what is her temperment like as a kitten? How socialized can/will she become?
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
She's so gorgeous. Where does the 6% come from? And what is her temperment like as a kitten? How socialized can/will she become?
Her momma is a F5 bengal, so her percentage of ALC blood is added in. She's a very sweet kitten, very intune with people, but she seems to have about twice as much energy as SBT bengal kittens.

She will bond very strongly and closely with her owner. How she reacts to strangers will remain to be seen, as she matures. She's doing fine with the rest of the bengals, although they get a little tired of her constant desire to play.
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She's gorgeous! I love her occelli and spotted feet. Gosh so adorable.. but energic enough to tire out your bengals? ooof now that's some energy.
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Maybe they should get her a wheel, eh, Nial?

Thanks for the info. She's very special, and I love the markings on her face. Will you get the pick of her kittens from the breedings with your studs?
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Wow, you can really see the difference between her and a later generation one, her face is very wild-featured. And her front paws are HUGE!

I'm curious as to how much of her personality will be influenced by her % of ALC blood. A very different situation I know, but I am used to having non-domesticated animals as pets hence my interest - captive bred parrots have to be socialised from hatching to be properly tame, and if they aren't handled frequently will eventually revert to 'wild' character and become untame and fearful of being handled. Even if they've been bred in captivity for generations, they just aren't domesticated species.

So I guess my question is, do you have to do things to keep an F1 people-socialised or treat it differently than a full domestic cat to retain its people-friendliness throughout its life? Or is the chance of reverting to a more instinctive shyness of people not likely?
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What a totally adorable little monster!
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AWWW she is a cutie pie....

what will her kitten s be F generation wise??
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She is very beautiful. I have to admit I'm very jealous of the her owners. They are so lucky to have such a beautiful little girl.

Her feet do look huge. Her feet do look huge. I wonder if that means she's going to be larger than the average Bengal. I know Asian Leopard cats tend to be small, so one would think she's be smaller than the average Bengal.

My favourite boy, Kahekili is going to father some of her kittens. I sure would be interested in one of HIS offspring with her.
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OMG!! She is amazingly beautiful!!
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OMG She's soooooooooooooo gorgeous!
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what a beauty!!!
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She is stunning! And her paws are huge, which is lovely! I wish Hong Kong would allow earlier generation bengals: they allow F4s onwards and they don't allow Savannah cats at all!

Beautiful pictures!

Visit my bengals at:
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She is gorgeous! You can definately tell that she is on the wilder side! Can F1 generation bengals have temperment problems or am I mixing that up with something else? Nonetheless, she looks like a sweetie and I can't believe she wears our your bengals!
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that face, that tail, those PAWS!!! She definitely has a more wild look about her, I bet you're going to have fun with her - can't wait to see more pics!
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What a beautiful kitty.

Love the pics!
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Wow she's amazing! All that energy just radiates out from her pictures. Does she ever play rough? Like biting hands and all when she gets excited? She's just beautiful, I'm excited to see the kittens she'll produce with your handsome boys.
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