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cat fertility question

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I have a female cat named Astro who gave birth to a litter of 6 kittens about 3 and a half months ago. All the kittens have gone to good homes except for one, a male named Mimzy that I decided to keep. Well, Astro is starting to show signs of being in heat again, and tonight I saw Mimzy trying to mount his mother. Can he get her pregnant at such a young age? He is only about 13 weeks old or so. (born on May 4). I am planning on getting Astro spayed within the next week or so, but will do it even sooner if there is a chance she could get pregnant. Please advise, as I thought that this was too young for Mimzy to be exhibiting this behavior. Thanks!
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it's not too young. they both need to be spade and fixed to prevent any other pregnancies. It really is the best for both of them; safest, most responsible....

good luck!
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13 weeks? Yes, four month old kittens can indeed get pregnant and become pregnant!

Thankfully, they can also be safely neutered.

Some traditionalist vets want to wait until 6 months, since this is what they did before new, safer anesthesia was available. However, even a traditionalist would probably say Yes to neutering your kitten, especially since he could get his mother pregnant (birth defects!) and because neutering is a simple surgery.

Your first priority, though, should be to get Mom spayed. A neutered male can be fertile for a month afterwards, because there can still be sperm in his... ahem... but a spayed female cannot have kittens. So if you have a traditionalist vet who won't do your 4-month-old, do get him to spay Mom at the very least.


If he does manage to impregnate her, it's possible to spay a pregnant female; but if she gets pregnant, it's best to do so during the first few weeks of pregnancy. Otherwise her hormones go nuts.

But--best case--you should separate them so she can't get pregnant, wait 'til she's out of heat, and then get her spayed.
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Male kittens could get a cat in heat pregnant by 4 months old, so keep them separated. If he's trying to mount her in heat now you need to get him into the vet now and neuter him - he could get her pregnant for about a month after being neutered.

And be sure she is kept inside till the spay appointment. I'd get him in there just before her if you can!
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