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Someone hurt my cat!

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my mother called me this morning to tell me that Had my kitty got hurt! on her back left leg there is a chunk of flesh about an inch around clean off. it is oval. like a knife cut. like when you peel a potato, just not as long. and on the top of her right front leg there is an even bigger chunk gone!! that one is about an inch and a half around! and deeper! it is a good quarter inch deep, there are two deeper ruts and the top edge wasn't cleanly cut!!! the edges are too smooth for it to have been torn, ripped or bit. who could do that to a poor kitty?! and and obvious pet! she is keeping them really clean, and she is walking around like usually, just a little more carefully. she doesn't seem to be in pain but she has got to be hurting at least a little. we can't take her to the vet till Monday. my mother said that the back one was a few nights ago. they tried to keep her inside but she hates being cooped up and got out. when she came back the next morning they said her front leg was injured. they are being extra careful to keep her inside now. and also, i found out that she called yesterday and told jake about it and asked him to have me call her. then he told me he FORGOT!! needless to say i was not happy. then he said that it wasn't life threatening so calm down! how calm would he be if i did that about his dog that his mother is taking care of?! i'm gonna sell my plasma tomorrow and get money for the vet. we haven't heard of any other pets being hurt but my mother is thinking of going to the police. they live in the area with the least crime in the whole city and there are lots of families with pets, especially cats. i am pretty sure that it will heal fine but as it is open wound i am worried about infection or something.
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Oh gosh that just makes me sick to my stomach!! for your poor cat and your stress level!
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She really should see a vet asap incase of infection

Are there no low cost clinics where you are?.
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there are, that is where we will take her, unfortunately we don't have the money to take her to an emergency thing, and it is friday, or in about 6 minutes, saturday. and were my mother is going to take her it has to wait till monday. all the other low income places either are for ferals (nobody with any brain cells at all would believe she was feral) or only certain times of the month. and none of them are this weekend. every time look at her it makes me want to cry. and she just lays there like nothing is wrong. shouldn't she be feeling it? cause after she was fixed she was in pain and she made a big fuss over it. she had pain meds so most of it was for the attention. and sure enough, any little sound and someone would pet or make a fuss over her. lol. we couldn't resist. we know. we tried. it didn't work.
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Originally Posted by ILoveMyKitty View Post
she just lays there like nothing is wrong. shouldn't she be feeling it?.
If theres one thing cats are good at it's hiding pain, and if she has an open wound then i'd imagine that she is in pain.

If we have so much as a paper cut it hurts, so a chunk of flesh from her leg like you've described will most certainly hurt
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Yes, in the wild cats can't show pain--they have to look tough, or else they lose their territories to the next tom who challenges them.
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Oh, I'm so sorry for you and your kitty!! People can be so cruel. They actually just arrested some teenagers here that killed a kitten by putting bottle rockets in it's mouth. I hope your kitty gets better soon!!!!
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I'm so sorry! I hope your kitty is okay! Can you phone a ER vet and ask for advice until you can get her to the vet on Monday?
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
Yes, in the wild cats can't show pain--they have to look tough, or else they lose their territories to the next tom who challenges them.
yeah, there is our tom Stripes and another female Sadie. that is probably what is happening. and she did ask a vet or someone what she should do until they could bring her in and they said pretty much just keep the wounds clean and keep her inside.
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That is so sad that someone would do that to an animal.

Did you get a chance to go the vet yet? How is your kitty?

I hope she heals quickly and starts feeling better.

Poor baby!
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yeah we took her to the vet today. it was going to be like $140.00 to do surgery and we were about 100 bucks short. so we got her a cone and some meds, oral and topical. the vet said that it was healing really good already and as long as someone gives it a gentle warm water shower twice a day and gives her the meds then it should heal fine. they shaved the hair from around it so it will stay cleaner. we would have gotten surgrery but as we couldn't pay upfront and the two people that could approve payments weren't there we couldn't.
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What would the surgery do that your current treatment isn't doing?
Sounds like you've saved a lot of money, by treating him slowly at home.
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the surgery would have the dead flesh cleaned off, and the wound closed. there was gonna have to be a double layer of stiches cause there was deeper gashes inside the wound. it would have kept the chances of infection way lower. i would rather have gotten the surgery but...

and the people that could have approved payments were the owner and manager. the owner i gathered wasn't around that often and the manager was sick.
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I hope your kitty gets better soon! Poor baby! People can be so cruel! Get better soon baby!

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I have to agree with CB- the cat is not just another roommate; he is your dependent and your responsibility.

You wouldn't want to be completely dependent on a caretaker who would let you be in a situation where predators ripped you up, and then your caretaker also did not take all necessary measures to get you treated.

I know this is not going to be well received, but I really think you need to give some serious thought about whether you are providing adequate care for your cat, day to day, and in these emergencies. Your kitty is not very different from a little toddler and thinks of you as its mother.

It is obvious you are very disturbed by your kitty's pain and suffering, and that you do not feel you have funds to cover its needs. The question is, how will you proceed in the future so this does not happen again?
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I just wanted to say that if you can't come up with the money you should put into having this taken care of properly, Please beware of fly strikes on the opened wounds. Thgse can be nasty and just being inside doesn't keep the kitty safe.
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awwww, crazy bird. awwww kitties4ever.

ive been making the mods wokr harder than they should have 2 this week even tho i didnt mean it. we have to stay postive tho and respect them for what they do.

i think ive had 3 or 4 threads removed for review and 1 never made it back. but thats okay because i learned what makes TCS so great in the process. and i hope im getting better.


iluvmykitty, i hope ur little furbaby gets better real soon. i know how tuff it is to be tight on money when ur babies get in truble like that. best wishes.

- carla
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first let me say that i am sending your kitty many get well fast vibes.

also i want to say to the OP that my cats all were born outside and lived
outside. they came in at different ages. anywhere from the youngest being
7 months old to the oldest being aprox 8 years old.

they did not like it at first different degrees.... like my mamakitty
tore my place up trying to get out even though i weaned her off of going
out she still ripped the shades off the windows...but now she runs away
from the door. her life is so easy on the inside she now wants nothing to
do with the outside.

so if you ever decide you want to give it a go..... i just want to let you
know that eventually they do get used to and even like being inside 24/7.

as far as the money goes, maybe you could start saving towards the surgery
just in case she does not heal and then by the time the vet determines that
you could have the money saved. i know that its easier said than done
but try to save towards that in case that is what ends up happening.

now crazybird i did not see your post but if all you did was strongly
recommend that the OP bring her cat to a vet asap, i have to say IMO
you did nothing wrong.

i hope when you have some time away you decide to come back. lots can
be learned from this forum. i'm sorry they chose to pull your post but i agree
that sometimes you have to express the urgency in something so the
person understand that they have to get to a vet asap and why they have
to go right away otherwise the tendancy is to put it off.
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I'm curious to know how your kitty is doing with the home care. He sounded in pretty bad shape. Now that you've had some time to be with him and care for him, how is it all going?
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I just now read this thread, and I'd like to know how the furbaby is doing as well.
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i did live in a place where she was an inside kitty and she handled it pretty well. when i moved back to oregon she became inside/outside again and she is way happier. plus, my mother is taking care of her right now and she is allergic to any litter she can afford(the cheap stuff) and she just hates the whole thing with a litter box. i dont' mind that much, i have one now but i have had to experiment with litter cause it messes with my allergies and dries the air out and smells(the litter, not the other.) the litter covers the other but i don't like the smell of the litter. i atcually think i have hit upon one that i can use and the cat isn't bothered by it. it is tidy cats crystal blend. he has been very cooperative with the litter.

my mother has been taking care of her for a few months cause with her here where i live it was causing problems with my roommates cat and my other roomates dogs. so she went to my mothers. that is where she is now and where she got hurt. i am thinking i will bring her back when my kitten and the roommates cat are fixed. the dogs she can handle. i called my mother for the daily update but she didn't pick up. but so far she has been healing fine.
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I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply, i have been playing WoW(and worrying about Had of course) and i was over there the other day and both of the wounds are all closed up, there is just a little surface stuff left. i'm so glad things are alright, or will be soon.
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Was your kitty an outside cat? If so I would reccomend moving him indoors only. Sadly there are MANY dangers for outdoor cats that can cut thier lives short - evil sicko's who enjoy tormenting animals are only one of those dangers. Outdoor cats are also exposed disease, parasites, roaming animals, FELV/FIV, cars, exc. Most outdoor cats die young and meet a gruesome fate. It's lucky that your baby only lost a chunk of her skin as opposed to her life.
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