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Quirky Cats

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okay, i thought we could use a thread devoted entirely to
the cute & odd, funny & smart, weird & fascinating things
our cats do, everyday

well, let me tell you about my lil Blue

everytime i look at her, she sits wherever she is, and opens
her little mouth into this huge meeeeeeeow!! this is her way
of asking me to come over to her, and when i do, she
rubs up against my face for as long as i'll let her, purring
the whole time

that's her thing, she does this all the time, everyday.

all of my cats sense when i am sad, and they all come to
my rescue with purrs and sympathetic eyes, as though they
are empathetic toward my problem, and are lending an ear.

they all kiss with their eyes (which i already devoted a
whole thread too!) and they all smile.

they all scrunch their noses up when they smell something
they dont like, and then attack whatever that object is!

they all seem to hate the smell of my conditioner & bubble bath

my cat Kenya loves bath time with me. she sits on the edge
of the tub waiting for me to spit water up (like we used to
do as kids!!) and she will attack the stream of water with
her paws, very agile & precise, it's actually quite entrancing
to watch.

Simon loves to get right in their as i'm running the water,
and then seemingly gets very angry when he has to get out
because the water is coming up to his toes - he inches back
as far as he can but inevitably has to jump out

he also likes to put his paw right into my bath water, and
then lick it, over & over; this is quite annoying because i
end up with a ton of cat hair in my bath

Olivia simply purrs every single time you touch her, even
slightly, she loves to be pet - but not held for too long -

Kenya has the habit of putting her food in her water bowl,
then flipping it out, and eating it wet! but i dont wet her
food down because she only does this once in awhile :clown:

Sebastion used to steal the sink stopper every 10 minutes,
and hide it in my room, or in his little bed

and Oliver loved to give huge wet kisses all the time, if
you let him, he would clean you, head to toe! :laughing:

i'm sure i will think of a ton of other things, but, i have
to stop sometime!

there are so many things, everyday, that they do to make me

come share your cat's quirks!

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My cat watches the toilet flush with great interest!
She also bites my bottom when I am wearing shorts!
She plays in the clean laundry!
When I go to bed she jumps up kisses my nose and kneads my chest until I fall asleep!
It is such a relaxing ritual!
When I wake she is at my feet and she gives me a soft meow as to say good morning!
Then she nudges my cheek and licks me ear lobe!
I love this cat so!
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that is so sweet

my cats also knead the blankets, or my chest, or anything practically
when they are happy, or want attention

my cat Kenya just loves to knead my chest, which can sometimes
hurt, as she hasnt fully realized when not to use her claws

she's getting better

they also watch the toilet flush with great interest!

i think it's hilarious!

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I have only had her a few months! After the first day I was hoked! I always wanted one but mu hubby is not a cat person (I personally do not see how anyone could not like these beautiful and graceful creatures),but he took a job that had him gone all the time and so he braught her home from the pound!
She was supposed to be fixed but she got loose after I had her almost a month and was missing for 2 days! I felt like my world had ended! I could not sleep or eat! When she finally returned I was so releaved I opened a can of salmon and deboned it and gave it to her! Well she is due in about 2 weeks to have a litter and I am so excited!
My husband now loves my kitty and told me I can keep the babies! It is a small litter only 2 maybe 3! she had a fight when she was gone and came home injured so I took her to the vet! That is how I found out she was pregnant! When I took her back two weeks ago they were concerned because she has not gotten that large! The vet said he only felt 2 but she is well not and growing every day!
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Ash; How wonderful! We have so many members expecting kittens. I think it is GREAT! I could go on and on about what my cats do, but maybe it is just cute to me because they are mine. They love water, like so many of yours do. They hide things and kiss and talk. I have one that meows along in time when I sing the Beachboys hit "Beach Baby, Beach Baby". Then there is my Smokey Josephina who thinks she is a ballerina. She raises up on her back legs (on pointe)paws the air with her front paws and spins in circles till she makes herself too dizzy to continue. She will do this whenever I say "Dance, ballerina, dance" like the lyrics from the Harry Chapin song Taxi Driver.. . . . . . . I love them all so much. Many days they are the reason I get out of bed and keep going.
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What great stories! I love those personalities. I have never met any 2 cats that were exactly the same. They are as unique as people.

Socrates will stand on the night stand and leap up the wall to grab the light shaft through th blinds and then slide 10 feet down the wall with a loud THUD that can be heard outside. It's even funnier to watch him do it. Oh, and when he wants love and I'm lying on the couch I usually have to say 'hello' to the 'wrong' end of him, before he turns around to lay down with the 'right' end facing me.

Tiger will criss-cross my legs and trips me up nightly when I arrive home and won't even start to eat the food I put in his bowl til' I stop, kneel and rub him and let him know that HE was missed and loved. Of course, he does that THUNK (where they just fall over on their sides) and rolls onto his back and gives me that slow, blinking, half closed eye look to say "Hi Dad. I love you".

Arriving home to my little welcoming committee is my favorite time. Even if I'm in a crappy mood, they never fail to elicit a big ole smile from Dad....pushover dad I mean.
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Originally posted by Ash
I have only had her a few months! After the first day I was hooked! I always wanted one but my hubby is not a cat person (I personally do not see how anyone could not like these beautiful and graceful creatures), but he took a job that had him gone all the time and so he brought her home from the pound!

My husband now loves my kitty and told me I can keep the babies!
it's so funny, most "NON-cat persons" really arent, in my
opinion, they just havent been around cats enough, or have
had one bad experience with them (or are allergic)!

i see that so often! husbands, or boyfriends, roomates, or
girlfriends, not wanting cats around, and then falling
absolutely head over heels with them in a matter of days!

you sound like such a good "mom" to your cat, i'm happy you
found a special friend in her.

let us know when she has her kittens and what you name them!
i'm so jealous though, i wish i had the room for kittens!

one day, i'm sure

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I will keep you posted on the kittens! The reason he didnt like them is because his first wife had one and did not maintain the "smell box" as he called it! I am here all the time so I stay on top of it most of the time! Other then seing her and her toys you can not tell!
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Oh these are all such great stories!!!! I guess i don't have anything weird my cats do that I can think of right now, to share....but let me think on it..and I'm sure I'll think of several!
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