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My daughter must be going through a stage

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Where she cant be w/o me!!!

I absolutely love my baby girl to pieces, but wowsers!!! Anyone with kids, can you relate?

She is 3...and for about 3/4 weeks now, I cant leave her with anybody!!!

She used to love staying with her "mi mi" or a good friend of mine, but nope, not now!!

My sister was going to keep her tonite so DH and I could do to dinner, well, lets just say, we didnt go!!!

Bless her little heart. I know its got ALOT to do with me being a stay at home mommy, god forbid I put her in day care!! What on earth am I going to do??
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My friend if having a similar situation with her 3 y/o son. We thik it is because dad is training for an Ironman (athletic event) and is very rarely home. The conclusion is that there is too much mommie time and not enough daddy time. So that is the reason for the acting out when mommie is around.

The frustration almost had her pulling her hair out. He son was even trying to stay up extra late so he could see daddy when he got home after 9:00, but that was over 2 hours past his bedtime and he was getting overtired.

It's probably compleetly different with your daughter but you may have to stand back and look at things from an objective point of view to find out what is making her act out. *hope this helps*
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It's her age, and the best way to deal with it is exactly like you did. Keep her with you all the time and she'll get secure again and things will be back to normal.

It's a clingy stage and I've seen many parents decide they have to "uncling" the kid, and it's a complete disaster. The child feels the parent isn't going to be there, and gets even clingier. If your little one needs to be with you all the time now, she needs you to give that to her, like you are doing. It won't take long and she'll feel secure again and be back to her adventurous self.

Good luck!
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i have a different point of view on this, my oldest daughter amy was very clingy when she was younger (a lot of it was my fault her being my first etc) but i never *unclung* and what happend?? i had night mares trying to get her to start nursery she would cry daily when i took her and this went right up to year 2 of school. so when my son started getting very clingy and not wanting me to leave him with anyone including his father i *unclung* he still sometimes trys his luck but its a lot easier then with my daughter.

you just have to try and insure her that mummy is just going out for a little while and you will be back very soon.
good luck.
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Look at it through your daughter's eyes: your whole life has been in the warmth and safety of your mother's care. You are three and you are just starting to realize for the first time that the world is BIG and that there are a lot of things you don't understand, and that there are scary things out there. It's a little frightening and you want to go back to the complete safety and shelter of your mother for comfort.

How would you feel if your mother pushes you away at this time, "for your own good"? Eventually, you would deal with it, but wouldn't it be nicer if she keeps you close and safe, until you are sure of yourself again?

There are some clingy kids that just have that temperament, but since your daughter has been fairly secure until now, this is something new she is dealing with. She knows what she needs right now, and that is to have you close. When she's sure she has that safety net, she will regain her confidence.
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