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Venting about the shelter here...

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Our animal shelter says they are here to provide the best care for the animals they take in....They are a kill shelter and here are their hours....Closed-- Monday & Tuesday. Open 12pm-4pm Wednesday, Thrusday & Friday. Closed-- Saturday & Sundaythose days are not days or hours that it is convienent for people to go look at the animals in the shelter to adopt one...One of the only good things they do is a spay neuter contract...which is wonderful if they can get it right. They say the animal must be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age or they will take the animal back....My aunt adopted a female puppy from there when the puppy was 7wks old about 3 weeks after she adopted Zim she got out by mistake and was ran over...Tracy(my aunt) contacted the shelter and let them know that Zim had been ran over and killed to cancel the spay contract...The idiots at the shelter took Tracy to court and of course it was thrown out and the Shelter workers were given a stern talking to by the judge.

The people who work there who supposively care for animals come to my house to check my guys for their shots all of them 4cats and 3 dogs(who all have their shots and are up to date and are all spayed and neutered with the exception of Sadie Sam and Zoey who are will all 3 be done on 10/29) Thank God I had all my papers to show that hateful ! I have never been angrier a day in my life...and to top it off where I live has a leash law which I follow...unfortunately none of my neighbors seem to know what that is and she didnt stop and check in on any of them whose dog she nearly ran over when leaving Apparently the reason they came by to check is because a neighbor complained because Max my shih-tzu ran out without a leash(when I opened the door to greet DH when he came home for lunch) and I ran out to get Max At this point I am beyond ticked and believe something serious needs to be done about the shelter here but an still unsure as to what

Sorry this was so long just needed to vent!
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The only shot that is required by law is Rabies, correct?

Spay/Neuter contracts aren't worth the powder to blow them up IMO.
Shelters should not let animals go until they are neutered, period.
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Some vets will not speuter as young as the animals are adopted out, and for some shelters, it is not possible to keep all those kittens to wait for speuters when there are other animals that need the space in the shelter.

And some shelters & breeders do take the spay/neuter contracts seriously and legally enforce them.

As far as the OP: The shelter hours seem a little strange. My local shelter is open Mon - Sat, 10-5 which means that apart from Saturday, most people are working but they still adopt out quite a few cats each day. Is it also the animal control facility for your town/city? In which case it is more understandable as they have a job to be out collecting the animals not just adopting them out.

I think it is great that they check up on the animals, way too many end up back out on the streets or back in the shelters abused and the only way a shelter can tell if they are being cared for is to go and check. If a neighbour complained, then I think it is even better that they checked, they seem to actually care.

However, if they are not Animal Control and just a shelter, they can't do anything about your neighbours animals unless she adopted from there, but I am assuming they are Animal Control otherwise how would she know which shelter to call etc
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I think it is immoral of the Vets NOT to do pediatric spays. Totally immoral.
The Vets themselves contribute greatly to the overpopulation of dogs and cats by not doing pediatric spays. It's pathetic.
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Plenty of things vets do can be considered immoral, from pushing foods that aren't the best for our animals because they make a commission to declawing, but it really doesn't make a difference in this case, because it isn't going to change in a hurry
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In the case of the hours, I do agree they seem kind of fishy. However IMO it sounds like funds are tight for the shelter. Perhaps they join up with another shelter on Saturdays for additional adoption times. ???

Same with having the adopter sign a contract. They probably can't afford and/or find a vet willing to give a discounted service to the shelter so they depend on the adopter to handle that situation.

As nice as it is to say that no animal should leave a shelter without being spayed/neutered, not every shelter is rich in funds to do that for every animal.
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I wonder if this shelter is a Humane Association or a Humane Society chapter shelter? It just doesn't sound like a shelter they'd run.
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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
I wonder if this shelter is a Humane Association or a Humane Society chapter shelter? It just doesn't sound like a shelter they'd run.
If they have the power / finances to take someone to court and go out an check on the animals, my guess would be the local city/town run Animal Control rather than HS
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