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Want to hear something terrible???

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Dispite my car stalling out about an hour ago...

i heard that my boyfriends parent's cats are Both obese and their teeth are rotting...

how terrible is that???

They are not even 2 year sold yet...

and they are all obese and two of their cats have rotting teeth...

thats what they get for having a total of 4 bowls filled with friskies around the house in random rooms around the house, and 4 bored cats...

they are on science diet oral care, but still i bet they still leave the food out 24/7... im sorry... but Fat cats aren't always cute...

and the best part... they are looking for a new white kitten...


tell me that isn't horrible...?

I am happy to say that that is the exact reason why my cats are out of there... and they lost all the weight and are happy and healthy... and have all of their teeth...


i wonder what everyone here of TCS would say top them?
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I free feed my cats, but it's made for indoors cats, and mine are plenty active to keep the weight off. Of course, 3 of them are just over a year so they still act like kittens and keep the other ones active. But, 2 yrs old is a little young to get obese. Do they have toys to play with? Advise them to get a laser pointer and use it a little while each night. Very few cats can resist them.

Also, have they been checked for any thyriod problems? That could cause weight gain as well.
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Speaking of cat thyroid problems, anyone read this article?
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It's so sad that they don't care enough to monitor the cats intake and "friskies"!! that's like giving them a diet of Chips and cookies... Poor Poor kitties.
Duke was my overweight kitty, he got exactly 1/2 cup of quality dry food per day along with 1 tablespoon of high protein wet food. It may seem harsh but an obease kitty is not a happy kitty. Even with that Duke passed away from weight effected liver failure.
Nobody that loves their pet would allow them to suffer anything similar.
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I've always free-fed all of my cats. None of my cats have ever been overweight but then again my neighbor doesn't free-feed and her cat is 23 lbs!!! :shock: They definatly need to be more active and need to have their teeth checked!
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