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Does anyone else have those days when ...

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.. you think you are going to go insane cause of your kitten's antics?!

Winston and Murphy are now 18 weeks and the last two days have just had the total devil in them! They are like a pair of naughty 2 year olds!!

First of all they have discovered the straw in my cups of iced water are fabulous cat toys! I have one of those big tall plastic cups I fill with ice and water in the day and it sits next to me on the coffee table, until a kittens head gets stuck in it and the ice get thwaped and the straw gets chewed!!

I have even given them a pile of straws and a bowl of ice cubes, but OH NO, this is not as good as mums drink!!

Then they keep getting on the sofa and begging for food when we eat. I put them down FIVE times yesterday and in the end had to put them in time out in the pet carrier!

Then at 2am the wanted to play "racetrack" around the bed!

Then this morning I woke up with a migraine so decided rather then take pills I would try and sleep it off. Could I? Could I HECK, due to two devil cats decided the top blanket on the bed was evil and dangerous and needed to be killed.

I was like OK THATS IT. So I got up and rubbed catnip on each of their backs and put them in the living room. That entertainment lasted 30 minutes and just as I was dropping off I heard a loud crash of plates.

I run to the kitchen and find Winston in the kitchen sink amongst plates, plate sponges and washing up liquid.

The little bugger has discovered that he *can* make that 5 foot gap between the dining table and the breakfast bar, but he has not figured out the breakfast bar is too slippery for cats paws .. so he goes flying in to the sink!

I hope the leaves them soon!

Some days I wish kittens had off switches!
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i know how you feel, its great to see but not when your sleeping or eating lol.
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yeppers, two years old indeed!

I am glad mine are out of that stage but there are days they still manage to make me nuts especially when they decide to go outside. You think they would go out together...ohhh no.

First Bob meows at the door to summon his slave to let him out. I get up and let him out and start walking back into the livingroom. Then Pennie not wanting Bob to be alone runs to the door just as I am almost ready to sit down, back to the door I go and let her out.

Back to the livingroom and sit on the couch and here comes Shmee from the sun porch. He trots to the mud room and then comes back around the fridge to gaze into my eyes with his "mom can you get up and let me out look". Up I go again and let him out. I no longer round the fridge myself when here comes Button. Now Button is not one to go right out. Oh no. She must slink around the fridge into the mud room around the cat food bag then to the other side of the mud room, walk in and out of a box and then creep to the door.

Back to the livingroom I go. I sit down and I hear a "meow" at this point I am like WTH. I get up go back to the door where I find Moochie who wants in.

I make a great "door man"
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My two aren't that little any more, 15 months and 9 1/2 months, and I sympathise, sometimes it would be nice to be able to take out their batteries and get half an hour of peace and quiet! It really hasn't got much better as they've got older either.

I should warn you, it's when the sound of things being knocked over or crashed into stops that you know they are really up to something. Radar is my worst/best one at inventing 'fun' little games and they are usually preceded by a period of absolute silence. Like the time I hadn't heard him bouncing off the walls for a few minutes and went to investigate. Couldn't find him anywhere. Until I walked past the rubbish bin in the kitchen and all of a sudden it rocked from side to side and he cannoned out of it straight up in the air, batted my shoulder with his paws, and ran off to find a new ambush spot - leaving a trail of used teabags and potato peelings behind him

ETA: They are currently chasing each other from the bedroom to sitting room and back again. It sounds like Derby Day.
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My Popsie is sixteen and he still acts like a two year old sometimes. I think he gets it from DH.
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I've got that myself right now with a kitten and two adult cats.

Just smile and laugh at it because they grow up too fast
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Every day

My two year old, Ivory, and my 3 year old, Vash, never grew out of that stage.
It's cute, but tiresome, but I wouldn't want them any other way.
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