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if we ever needed vibes, now would be the time

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my father-in-law has been in the hospital for the last 3 weeks. What started as a simple procedure to remove some polyps from his intestine has turned into an extra 2 proceedures (one to drain an abcess, another emergency one to close up a hole left behind during the first surgery), added to a bout of pneumonia. He's been put into an induced coma to help him rest. Now they think he might have fluid either in his lungs or his stomach cavity... I almost WANT them to find something, so they can fix it and he can get better.

Added to that, the nurses that were caring for him before his last surgery (he's now in ICU) thought he had demetia, and weren't giving him the care he needed. He was delerious because of the pain, not because of his mentality!!
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good luck I hope they find something soon
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that things work out for you and your family!
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hope everything works out!!!!!!!
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ABSOLUTELY sending out prayers and healing thoughts to your dad and for your family. Keep us posted. I know this can't be an easy time for you and your loved ones, but try to do whatever you do spiritually/psychologically to keep thinking the best for him. It DOES have power.
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Tarasgirl is exactly right. Keep an image in your mind of your father getting better and better. Envision him going home from the hospital and being well again. And while he's in this coma, if you're able to be with him, talk to him and tell him he's healing well, getting better. Even if it isn't true yet, telling him so will help him believe it -- and after three weeks of this, he undoubtedly needs to believe.

Many many good thoughts coming to your father...
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Aw! Best wishes to you and your family!!!
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That is so awful! Poor guy! Sending lots of vibes!
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Sending more prayers and vibes your way
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Oh no. Please know that I am sending many prayers to your family.
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Sending many vibes your way. I know what it's like to go in for a simple procedure and have complication after complication. I'm praying they can find out exactly what is wrong and correct it.
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I hope that he starts to heal fast and comes home soon!!
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Lots of heading his way.
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Hey thar Carol Petunia:

Tried to email you right after I moved and it got kicked back to me with "address invalid" on it. I still have the email if you want to receive it, I think -- PM me and let me know, okay? Hope all is well with you and yours...
Tarasgirl06 +The Fabulous Nine
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