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I just wanted to say...

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That I love this website, I am soo glad that I found you people, you are all wonderful and since I am in a town that I dont know many people, it has been a godsend for me, being able to have someone to talk to, and its not just cat advice but being able to have people that I feel comfortable with - I have trust issues, especially with people in this town and I am not comfortable talking to a lot of people but here, I feel sooo comfortable. Thanks and I love yah all!
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That I love this website, I am soo glad that I found you people, you are all wonderful
I have to agree with you 100%. This has become a place where I feel safe to talk about good things and bad things and funny things. Although a lot I have to talk about has to do with cats (and my wonderful cat in particular ) I know I can post about anything that might be on my mind. I'm happy I found this website, too.

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I agree! Even with people I know, I tend not to reveal too much about myself. It is nice to have a place to express my thoughts and opinions, and know that someone will understand, and maybe have some advice.
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Well you all know how much I hate it here! This is a great place!
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This site is great, and the people here become true friends with time. Not to mention, you can ask anything feline here and get an answer within minutes usually!!

Cheers to TCS
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I love this place too. At other boards I've visited, it seemed that everybody is in a little "clique" and it was hard to be accepted. Here, I felt as if I was welcomed with open arms and I was encouraged to participate in any conversation that I wanted to. And everybody here has a great sense of humour! I feel like I can tell you guys anything and you'll still listen, even if it's something you're not remotely interested in.
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That's because most of us aren't even remotely interesting!

Sorry, I am pre-coffee and I have a strange sense of humor!

Everyone here is fascinating in their own right. I love the fact that we are a world-wide blend of characters and we meet on a daily basis (when we can) and kibbitz and chatter and learn. I love the educational aspect of the board, the fact that trolls are not allowed and just the whole nature of this wonderful cat community.
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I hate it here!

You guys drag me here on almost a daily basis with all your kitty pics and info. Then I HAVE to actually participate because I don't want you guys to think that I am just USING you for your pics.

Gheezzz....now Nakita begs me to posts more pics of her royal furryness so that she can see all the adoration coming from her royal subjects. She has such a chip on her shoulder since coming here.

I'm taking Nakita to the therapist. Her addiction has to stop soon...and I'm not going to be an enabler.

No...Nakita...put the camera down....

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LOL! Yep brought a smile that post did!
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That gave me a laugh Kassandra....if you find a good cat therapist, let me know, Peedoodle needs it too
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You all are awesome :P funny as hell Nakita
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That was so funny, Kassandra. And Kellye we are very glad you found us here!
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Hello, my name is Adrienne and I am a Cat-site-aholic! (but please don't cure me!) My poor hubby thinks that I spend more time with my friends here then I do at home with him!
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Although I have an incredible husband, he, too, gets upset sometimes that I spend more time with you guys than with him! And I don't blame him - you suck me in, and I cant' get out.

HELP! I can't get up!

But there's no emergency button to push, and Ady, there's no 12-step program to help you out of TCS!

We're here because we love it, and it's a great place to hang out.

I think we become friends quickly, because there's something about the anonymity of the electronic living room that enables an intimacy we'd never usually develop unless we were all room-mates in college or something!

I know more about many of you than friends I went to high school with! And with all my participation in the many get-to-know-you type threads, you people certainly may know more about me than anybody save hubby!

What a wonderful place!

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