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I asked

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Okay, as some of you may know, I want a kitten and have been stressing the moment of asking my mum. Finally I did!

At first she said no, but then I told her everthing about me paying for food and stuff and everything I learned and now she is still not completely in love with the idea but she is almost saying yes!!!!

I asked her and gave her some time to think about it. And when she was in a good mood I went back.

Now all I have to do is get her to say yes!

Wish me luck!
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Good Luck
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Dear WannaKit'n:

Hope she says yes, and might I suggest you adopt from your local sanctuary or shelter and SAVE A LIFE rather than buying from petshop or breeder? TCS is a wonderful place to learn all about good kitten care -- keep us posted, okay?
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I love the fact that you've done your research and learned about what you are getting into - that's a very mature thing to do. I hope your mother is impressed with the responsibility you've shown.
Good luck!
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Thanks everyone!
Yes, I would be getting a cat from a shelter.

She is ALMOST saying yes!!!
Hopefully tomorrow!

She says that if we got a kitten, it would have to be an orange and white male. I guess she thinks these are the sweetest and she absolutely loves them. I used to have a cat like that when I was little.
I told her I liked that or Tortoised Shell.

Wish me luck!!
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Don't push so hard that she gets mad at your nagging.
If she says no for some reason, don't get mad. Politely ask ask why - which will get you the info on what you need to do/fix so she will change her mind.
Good luck!
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Yeah, but if I asked Why she always just says 'it doesn't matter, I'm the parent'. But I'm not pushing her too hard, I think I got this down pat, you see I have an addiction to hamsters,lol, so I am used to asking her for pets.

Almost there!!!

PS, On Monday and for a lot of days after that I may not be on because we are going to lose our internet temorarily.But I will be back! Hopefully with pictures of my new kitten!!
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Good Luck
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Dear WannaKit'n:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and those are BOTH wonderful colorations of cats. "My" tortoiseshell is here beside me right now and a sweeter, more beautiful cat you'd never find (guess I'm biased, eh?). As for orange and white, that's sure a handsome look in a male cat; one visits our yard from time to time, a big fluffy who I'm thinking may be male, but I'm not sure. I haven't made his acquaintance yet, as he's shy and leaves if I go outside. GOOD LUCK with your mom. THANKS for choosing a shelter kitten (or adult cat -- they don't have as much luck getting adopted, and their natures are already known. They tend to be sweeter than brash kittens, and wow, they make great companions!)
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Oh, I am sorry Tarasgirl but you are wrong. MY cats are the sweetest but beautiful cats. LoL
OOOOOO I am 89% sure we are getting a cat now!!!!
We found some kittens that we are considering!!!!!Aww they are cutee! But I've never seen them, lolololol, but I know they are!

Sorry, I am EXCITED!!!
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Some things to keep in mind (and red tabby (orange) are one of my fav colors/personality):

1: Adopt a kitten no younger then 10-12 weeks old.

2. Have him neutered by 4 months old.

3. Have everything ready for him.

4. Keep him confined to one room with food/water and litter pan for about a week and supervise him till he gets more comfortable. Don't just turn him loose in the house, especially if there are other pets in the house - they need time to adjust.

5. Be sure to clip all his nails and check at least once a week.

and post pics when you get him
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Oh, so I should keep him/her in my room for one week? Alright that makes sense! THANKS!!!
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More or less - he has to get used to things slowly. Read some of the other threads in here on introductions of kittens to other animals. It would depend on how quickly your little one adjusts as to how long to confine him. But you want him to know where the litter pan is and use it consistently before allowing him to run around the entire house
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Well, gee, I would be too -- in fact, I AM -- for YOU!

But look into Sishya's eyes and tell me (after you convince yourself) that she's not the cutest you've ever seen!!! YA CAN'T!!!

(Yeah, I know, I know. EVERY CAT is like that. )
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Originally Posted by WannaKit'n View Post
Oh, so I should keep him/her in my room for one week? Alright that makes sense! THANKS!!!
Deffinitely, I know what you're going through it took me ages to get my parents to agree to me getting one, and finally i did I've had him a couple of weeks now.

It took him about a week to come out of his shell, he hid under my table for ages and wouldnt come out but in time he is a little rascal
So make sure he\\she has some where to hide, where he\\she feels safe and can run back too if its too scary!
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I GOT A KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now he is 12 weeks, when I got him he was 11 weeks. His name is Geppetto and he is a grey/white long haired kitty.
He is sooooo sweet. He wants everything I am eating,lol, he gets along great with my other pets(except I saw him eyeing up my bird a few times) and he cuddles up with me when I am asleep. If you pet him he rolls over onto his back so you will pet his tummy. He also licks people all the time and his favorite toys is a hair elastic!
He is a very odd cat!lol But I love him to bits and pieces!!!!!!

Sorry I can't post pics yet, but imagine the cutest darn thing you've ever seen and times the cutness by 5,000,000,000 and that is him! lol

Thanks everyone!
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CONGRATULATIONS and we can't wait to see Geppetto! He sounds very sweet and oh so cute (all cats are! but each is unique and of course, OUR cat(s) are always the cutest of all)

One word of caution: hair elastics aren't good toys for cats. They can swallow them and have lots of trouble afterwards. Get toys specifically designed for cats, with no small parts that can come off and be swallowed; soft toys are better than hard ones, for obvious reasons, and any with string, rope, or elastic should only be used WITH HUMAN SUPERVISION and then put away. Toys that are easy to make include wadded-up paper balls and tin-foil balls (just make sure that Geppetto doesn't swallow the tin foil!), the cardboard inserts from toilet paper, pingpong balls, rolled up old socks with or without some catnip inside, and you can buy felt or fabric, stuff with cotton and some catnip, and sew your own catnip "mice" and "birds" for Geppetto to play with if you want.

Sure is great that Geppetto has been adopted into your family -- now I hope he has a long, happy, healthy, LOVED life with you!
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Oh yes, I know that cats shouldn't play with elastics. He just tries to take them off my wrist or out of my hair. lol. He has toys but he prefers random things he finds around my house. lol
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Congratulations! and welcome to TCS! Good luck with your new baby! Mine sleeps with me too!!! I swear that is why i sleep so long. She keeps me so comfy!!! Any questions you have, dont hesitate to ask! Everyone here is wonderful! P.S. Cant wait to see pictures!
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KITTEN ANTICS -- they're a million laughs! Keep him safe and he'll love exploring and playing with you!
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Congratulations on your new kitty!
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Well Done for getting your mum to agree!!

Can't wait to see pictures of your new baby boy!!
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Yes, pics are much appreciated. And, CONGRATS on becoming a Furparent. It's the best feeling in the world.
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