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Poor Mitties, sick AGAIN.

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On Monday she went to the vet and was impacted and diagnosed with Megacolon. She spent the night and they cleaned her out, which I'm sure was very traumatic for her. She had a good day Wednesday and Thursday, but today I noticed her straining to pee again. Not again! She just got over a UTI the week before she went to the vet. Here we go again. In and out of the box, with just a couple drips coming out. There was no warning; plenty of pee clumps yesterday. Poor little thing. If it's not one thing it's another.

I started her on some Clavamox pills after I called the vet. Because of her size, she gets two at a time. After the pill, she seemed to get worse. Her trips to the litterbox became more frequent and she was obviously uncomfortable, breathing hard and even panting with her mouth open at one point.

Dinner time came and she seemed to forget her troubles while wolfing down her wet food. She seemed a little better after that but is still acting a little uncomfortable (or maybe just frustrated) and making frequent trips to the box. Now she's eating again.

I'm wondering if the pills I gave her on an empty stomach were upsetting her?
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I find antibiotics nauseate me, so it's entirely possible, especially on an empty stomach...poor Mitties!!! Best healing thoughts going out to her from The Nine and me...
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poor Mitties I hope she feels better soon
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Have you tried baytril for her UTIs? It's less harsh on the stomach than Clavamox.
I hope she feels better soon!!!
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I will try Baytril if the Clavamox doesn't clear it up this time. I felt really bad. If I knew it was going to upset her stomach so much I would've fed her first. She's acting perfectly fine now... even chasing flies! I'll keep up on her meds and we'll see what happens.

I think this new UTI was brought on by her stress from the vets. She was there for almost two days, and when I got her home she drank and drank and drank. Probably the dehydration and dirty bum from the enemas contributed.

Thanks for all your good vibes.
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