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Tidy Cats Crystal Blend?

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Has anyone used this brand before? Today was the first time I ever saw it and I thought I'd give it a try. I took Tiki to the Vet today and she is apparently allergic to the dust in litter. I always used Tidy Cat original and she didn't have any problems with it, so I'm hoping that she won't have any with this kind too.
I've heard some good things about the Crystals, but was kind of leary about trying it since it's so darn expensive. Is this a good product or did I just waste my money on this?
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I love it! I think it"s great,keep the smell down.good clumping.
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I was really hoping someone would tell me that it helps with the odors! I've got 4 litter boxes and they can really stink in a hurry! I scoop the poo and clumps out everyday, but it still has that acidic odor to it...and it's so strong it just about knocks you out! LOL!
Thanks for the quick replay, Sherral!
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I have 5 cats and 2 litter boxs I also scoop everyday.One of my cats won't use the box if there is any oder at all,she will go outside the box if there is any oder.She's a priss!
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She sounds just like Tiki...Miss Priss with an Attitude!!LOL!
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I don't have any big pieces on the floor,just the normal tracking,one of my cats covers his up so good he throws a lot out,I sweep it up and put it back in.I am thinking about getting a boot tray to put under the box's. Wonder if it will work?
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Any Tidy Cats forumla doesn't work well for my cats. While the crystals formuala works better than the others. I'll never have it in my house again, might as well not be using litter at all! lol.

The cyrstal blends typically ARE better then the others however.

I'm using Scoop Away + Crystals which is brand new, and it is SOOOO GREAT. And it smells good. Even when your scooping, and when you wash off the scooper, it smells like this lovely perfume.
I use it for 3 cats and one ferret. And there is 100% no odors in the ferret's box.
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I changed all my boxes (I have 5 now!) and I have not had one single stinch of odor in this house! I can tell the cats are not quite used to it...it's like they're digging for gold in those boxes! They just keep scratching and scratching...gets kind of annoying at 4 in the morning! But all in all, it seems to be doing a good job. The only thing that I'm concerned about now, it the perfume smell it has. I found out yesterday that Tiki (who is a Himmie) has alleries and we think it's from the litter...and that one reason why I changed to this brand. My Vet said that I shouldn't get one like Fresh Step because it's like spraying air freshner in her face and that's why she's sneezing so much. This litter doesn't seem too perfummed, but I can tell it's got more than other ones I've used. I guess I'd rather have a stinky box than a sick kitty, so I may have to change to another brand yet.
Thanks everyone for the responses!
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One that is another good litter, cheaper, but I find to work just as well as the cyrstal blends, is Papuur... it's made of paper so it's also safer. I would actually STILL be using that one, if this scoop away + crystals didn't eliminate ALL odor from the ferret box.

I've been lucky and my cats haven't formed any allergies from scented litters, but ones that are too fine grain, or very dusty wreak havok on Asim's eyes, I had to bring him to the vet cause he got an infection from it.

I've been able to take the 3 boxes I USED to have, and condense them into 1 box with this new litter, it just clumps so well and holds odors so well that I can actually get away with it. And my cats haven't revolted over it yet either! LOL. I can tell cause otherwise they fling poo every where.
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