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Smells so good.....

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I have about 20mins left before my bread is done and boy does it smell so yummy. Country White with 2 tsp of Flax Seed in it. I can't wait for a piece. And I am so glad that at least from looks it is not messed up. I'll take some pictures when its done.

(my mom wants pictures of the finished loaf)
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We got our first bread machine too as a wedding gift. My dad had one before so I knew how to use it, unlike my hubby who's like, "But, how do this and that work?!". He's kind of over the initial shock that the little thing can make bread that tastes so good.
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My mom had a bread machine some years ago when they were a new thing.
We ate fresh bread daily.
We all gained lots of weight.

No one in the family has a bread machine these day

Enjoy, fresh baked, warm bread is one of life's great pleasures.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Enjoy, fresh baked, warm bread is one of life's great pleasures.
It sure is!
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uuummmmm yummy I love the smell of fresh bread
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Oh !!! You dont have to tease me like that!!

That sounds sooo good!! I bet it smells delicious!
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Fresh hot bread with melting butter...
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Oh, you make me miss my mom. Right up until she passed 4 years ago (she lived with us), I came home twice a week from work to 4 freshly baked loaves of bread made the old-fashioned way by her dear old hands.
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Sounds wonderful!

Don't forget to let it cool a while before you slice it, or it will be kind of doughy and smashed down.
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I love that first wrm piece of bread out of the bread machine slathered in butter. MMMMmmmmm I think I need to make some bread tomorow.
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I don't know if I've ever had fresh warm bread but I want it now!!!
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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
with 2 tsp of Flax Seed in it.
You will get more benefit from the flax seed if you use a coffee grinder and grind it into a powder and add it to the bread mixture. Our bodies don't digest whole flax seeds so they just end up going through without giving us any of the anti-oxident benefits.
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Its already grounded. Its milled flax seed so its more like a powder kinda like flour sorta.

My mom used to always make fresh homemade bread by hand. That was until she got carpal tunnel syndrome. Now she can't make it that way but she does have a bread maker. I have never been able to make bread from scratch so this machine is perfect for me.
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When my sis was pregant the first time she craved warm fresh bread, from her bread maker, with real butter and sliced avacados!
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I personally don't have a bread machine but one of the girls I work with does.

Her husband is a cook and loves to experiment with different recipes and she is forever bringing his creations in to work so she doesn't eat them all.

She brought in some whole-wheat last week with blueberries and black currants in it that was to die for.
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Another poster found the owners manual for me online. And while I was looking through it I found a recipe for banana bread. So I will be making some of that next week.
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I am so jealous.

Are bread makers expensive? This just might be an investment I have to make.
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Brand new I have no idea of the price. I lucked out and bought a used one at a shop for 5 dollars.

I just looked at WalWart website and you can get them there for 70.00-75.00$. And over at Amazon here is a list:
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