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What is the wierdest thing...?

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What is the wierdest thing your cats have ever ate? Today I was eating cheese doodles and dropped one in the floor Sadie runs as fast as she can to get to it picks it up and takes it to the table to eat it while growling consistently at any of the other guys including me that try to get near her

Also what is the wierdest thing your cats have ate that isnt supposed to be eaten?*thanks ping for the idea*
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Olives! More specifically, pizza olives. Wickett prefers black olives while Frankie really likes the green ones.
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Spaz likes raw spinach and water chestnuts.
Ivory likes to steal poptarts and oreos.

None of the other cats are the least bit interested in anything other than cat food.
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Nate once dropped a piece of pickled jalapeno on the floor and Radar wolfed it down, he seemed to really enjoy it. He also steals brocolli, but that's not so uncommon in cats I don't think. My cats are pigs.
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Do you mean things that are supposed to be eaten or things not supposed to be eaten. Either way Ping has an obession with Easter grass. Last Easter I could not keep that stuff away from him. He would find it no matter where it was hidden or what it was under. We now have a No Easter grass rule here because he drove me batty.
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Riley ate dill pickles, pineapple, sauerkraut...... he will eat anything that is people food, and some things that aren't. However he is very fussy about his cat food, lol.
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i meant to add things that are suppose to be eaten (by someone) that he(Ping) likes it Hawiian bread. He will beat you up for that stuff.

Pong on the other hand tried to eat hubby's klondike bar every time he has one.
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LOL thats great Im gonna add things that arent supposed to be eaten as well...LOL My first Christmas after I moved out of my moms I was still living alone and really wanted to my tree and presents pretty so I put really pretty tinsel ribbon on all the gifts and hung it off the tree...Tigger ate all the ribbon and bows he could find and for about 2 weeks after christmas there was a ribbon in every turd it was like the gift that keeps on now we have no ribbon or bows anywhere in the house!
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Yeah after Easter I thought I did good keeping all the grass away from him. Yeah no he still found some. A week or less later he had green stringy poo.
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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
Yeah after Easter I thought I did good keeping all the grass away from him. Yeah no he still found some. A week or less later he had green stringy poo.

My ex MIL has a cat named Stumpy. (He was a manx). One year he ate some of that Christmas tinsel off the tree. She found it and being the sick person she is, mailed it to my (then) sister in law with a note saying "Stumpy say's Merry Christmas... Have some poop on a rope"

Tiger LOVES Doritos. We've had many many arguments over who's Dorito is in MY mouth

Tonka, like peanut butter.
When Deacon has a PB&J sandwich, Tonka will follow him around the house meowing for a bite of it

The cat brats are somewhat picky about what they eat....
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Not weird, but gross, a baby bunny rabbit.
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Joey will eat anything with a string on it, its horrible! We have to be sooo careful about leaving anything stringy around, or we find it in the litter box!
They dont really like that much food stuff, but they havent really had a chance to try a lot of it.
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A few weeks ago I was putting up veggies and dropped a piece of turnip green on the floor. Tomas ran over and gobbled it down before I could pick it up, then asked for more. Raw turnip greens aren't like raw spinach... there's a much stronger flavor, so I was a bit surprised he likes it.
He'll also eat (steal) cooked squash, carrots, broccoli, or anything else left unattended.

Sho has eaten sauerkraut too, DH turned his back on his plate for a few minutes and Sho tucked right in.
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My cats love my mom's homemade cornbread! Spock and Buddy love yogurt of any kind...I can never have a kitty visiting when I'm eating it. Buddy ate a Cheerio this morning, and Pete and Andy gulped down some broccoli and cheese yesterday.

My cats pretty much eat any food...except salad. They won't touch salad.
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Mom had to fight Aristotle for the chance to eat a salad - even then he got a piece out of the bowl. He has a preference for iceberg.

Past kitty Minx was our cheese curl eater. Loved them.
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Popsie likes to eat present ribbon and the wrapping off ciggarette packs. As for people food he likes pretty much anything. French fries,chips,donuts,pot pie, like I said pretty much anything.
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Summer loves any string and ate scotch tape from a poster in our bedroom. She had to have surgery to remove it.
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Lily wants avocado like crazy when I make guacamole, but I can't give her any because it's toxic to cats.
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Little One LOVES chips and dip, but it has to be French onion dip, and Wise potato chips (only sold on the east cost, I think). She sits on the arm of the couch if DH is eating, and will patiently wait until he dips a sliver of a chip in for her...she will slowly lick the dip off, and if she approves of the chip, she will munch on it. If she doesn't, she turns her head and we end up with a soggy chip that goes in the garbage! Talk about picky!
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Snickers is a dairy lover. ANY type of yogurt or cheese she gobbles up. She also has been know to steal some of my pizza (doesn't matter what type). She also loves potato chips, crackers, bread...any carbs. She pretty much wants to eat anything I am eating. I have a picture of my eating some yogurt and Snickers and Marbles are sitting there just waiting to get some.
Marbles loved to eat berries...especially blueberries.
I had a cat (Princess) that loved ice tea I could not leave my glass of ice tea with out her lapping it up.
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When Velvet was a kitten, she broke into my poor gerbil's cage and brutally decapitated him. She ate his head and left the rest in my room along with a bloody massacre

Kojak, my little snot baby (he has chronic issues) will sneeze and project a long train of snot from his nose...projectile style....then lick it up it's sooooo gross!!!

Isabella LOVES turkey legs and strawberry yogurt

Jasmine....she'll try to eat anything that won't eat her first
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Sassy is pretty much a cat food type of cat although he does have a bite of scrambled eggs once in awhile, and is not oppose to scraffing down a piece of cheese.

Linus likes lots of weird things his most favorite being bean sprouts and any kind of pasta noodles.. He also likes banana's and watermelon.

On the subject of animals that like different foods, when I was a kid we had a black lab named Major, and one of the things I remember best about him what my my mom forever chasing him out of the garden for digging up carrots and eating them..
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