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I'm a Registered Nurse. It's like my 3rd or 4th career.

My ultimate dream is to own a small gallery and teach painting and show the work of local artists.
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I don't currently have a job. i am looking for one and i sell my plasma twice a week. i think i want to do something with books. i'm not positive what. a librarian or something. but i want it to be more bookish and less peopleish. if you understand what i'm saying. right now i just need a job so i can pay my bills and save up to go to collage.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
I ap0l0gise again f0r my 0, my keyb0ard is br0ken!
ahhhh, I was wondering about that.

I'm an attorney.
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I work in the offshore oil & gas industry. I do electrical & instrumentation drafting & design work. I also, when needed, move over into the piping department working on P&IDs (process & instrumentation diagrams). I enjoy my job, but if I could have any job in the world, it would be freelance photography.
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i work at an emergency vet office as a vet tech. I absolutely love it, even though its heartbreaking at times.

As a little kid growing up i always wanted to work in a zoo and i still do! If i cant do that i think i would be a photographer.
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I'm a receptionist. Not what I dreamed of when I graduated college, but it pays for kitty kibble.
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I'm a self-employed hair stylist, my shops name is "Bangs" hair salon.
I have been a cosmetologist now for 24 yrs.! I love what I do! I have been
more devoted to my son, since Marvin died, meaning I don't work late
anymore! It is really cool though how you start out, starving and will
pretty much do anything for anybody, (put up with their s===) to build
your clientele.
Then you get to a point where you realize, that the people who give
you crap, or are hard to please, their money isn't green enough!
So you weed out the bad seeds! I have to say I have been so blessed
because now all my clients are cool, just like me! We totally understand
each other, and are totally laid back!
They love when I tell them, "OH Dianne, I had a vision of you last night!" they know that we are about to try something new and different! I do my best work on someone who will trust me, to let me act out my vision of them (which is a vivid photo in my mind that comes to me wherever, whenever,
of them with a new cut or a new color)
Something else is kinda telepathic, is when I get up in the mornings, I will
think of a customer, let's say "Mitch' and I'll think, I know it's time for him to
come in and get a haircut, I go to work and most of the time, whomever I had thought of usually calls for an appointment! If not that day, they will within the next few days! Anyway, Good Luck and Happy Jobs to all!
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I work in retail but would like to go back to school. I woud like to do something in photography and I would also one day like to own a no kill shelter for animals because I'm tried of people just throwing their unwanted pets out in the street.
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I'm a software engineer mostly working in server side java, although since I work in a small start up I'm one of the founders of I'm also the company designer (business cards, logo, website etc.) and sysadmin.

I'm quite happy where I am although hopefully within a few years the company will sell and my shares will be worth lots of cash
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I am an office manager. The company I work for owns several businesses in my home town and I run the two administrative offices link to these companies. It's an okay job, but sometimes very hectic and always time-comsuming.
What I would really like to do when I have had enough of this is open up a little B&B.
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I am a stay at home mommy!!! I would love to get out of the house and get a job, after my daughter starts Pre-K, which is next year.
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Originally Posted by ILoveMyKitty View Post
I don't currently have a job. i am looking for one and i sell my plasma twice a week. i think i want to do something with books. i'm not positive what. a librarian or something. but i want it to be more bookish and less peopleish. if you understand what i'm saying. right now i just need a job so i can pay my bills and save up to go to collage.
I'm sorry to hear you don't currently have a job. If you want to go into the library field, I'd recommend getting a MLS (Master of Library Science) degree, and from an ALA (American Library Association) accredited college. It's hard to move up in the library world without this; and some libraries won't accept non-ALA accredited degrees. I'm now paying the price for my lack of this degree (no real college education, either!), and sometimes, the snobbism from the MLS people at work really gets me down. The ultimate insult (not referring to my position here), was when they advertised for a new department head, and stated, "The position supervises 1.5 MLS catalogers." (The .5 person does have a MLS; just not from an ALA place, so they consider her a 1/2 person...)
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I design Kitchens for a furniture company
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I find it interesting that many people tend to work in the same types of fields. Do you suppose that this means that people who work in certain professions tend to have similar interests and are therefore drawn to a site like this, or is it just random coincidence?

Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post
I design Kitchens for a furniture company
I read this as "I design kittens..." Now THAT would be a great job.
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I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be in the medical field. I started out 24 years ago as a Surgical Technologist, went back to school after a while and became a Surgical First Assistant, went back to school again and became a Registered Nurse. Now I'm an RN Surgical First Assistant. I really love working in the operating room. I can't even imagine doing anything else.
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I'm 18 and currently work for my dad who runs a plumbing buisness, I am on the office side of things though.. But will soon be a delivery driver for the company where i will be dropping fitting packs off to the plumbers on site.

I would love to work with animals of some sort and I have always said that, but as i dropped out of school at age 13 and got no grades of any sort it's not looking promising. Thought about going back to college to do my grades but that means i have to do 1 subject per year which will take me years to get what i want.

Looks like i'm stuck in the office, but I cant complain I'm very lucky that my dad runs the buisness else I would have trouble finding a job with no qualifications around here!
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I am currently run a home daycare, decided after my last baby that my former job was not going to cut it with having 2 kids (I was a Store Manager for a Telecommunications company) I was tired of being on call.

So now I stay at home with all my little kiddies Skylar (8) and Phoenix (1) are my kids and my kitties Charlie (8), Bella(3)and Titan(11 wks)

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I'm a project manager in IT for a telecom company. I actually enjoy what I do but right now it is very hectic as we are merging 2 billing platforms into 1.

I graduated with a degree in Psychology and English and had aspirations of being 1. a science fiction author or 2. working with autistic children. It's interesting where life ends up taking you.

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I'm a laboratory technician at an environmental chemistry lab. I'm in the Metals Lab, prepping samples for analysis for various metals. I love it

I'm attending college for a degree in automotive technology as well.
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