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I'm moving to the UK within 6 years and my friends are coming with me. One friend has two cats named Bunny and Mugs. Very funny guys but they will sometimes gang up on other cats. My other friend has adopted my two kittens Jack and Brio and is taking them. Jack is pretty insecure and throws huge tantrums while Brio is more of a "I got to clean everyone then bite them" sort of guy. All four of them came from the same house which had a colony of cats but my guys have been away from the colony for about a month now and my friend is moving out of her mom's house (the neighborhood cat lady with a colony of 27) next year. So for 5 years they will be out of colony life. On top of that I am bringing my dogs who will be 12 and 13 years old. How on earth should I introduce them all? I will be there at least a month early with my dogs (one friend insisted going by boat because she doesn't want to fly her iguanas so now I am left flying by myself).

The other issue is teaching older cats new things. My friend doesn't mind her cats climbing on things like the table or couch. Well with all new stuff and me being so clean (the house will belong to me and my husband) I really don't want kitty paws all over the kitchen table. I do plan on building an outdoor enclosure so they can go out and play safely and get as high as they want but inside...well thats a big no. And I know they won't let their cats out all night and of snows. I know cats (especially Bunny) will do it when you aren't looking. Any way to solve that?