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Bread Machine help someone

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Today I picked up a nice used bread machine (magic chef cbm-310) for cheap. One problem no manual. I looked online and I see that its a 1 or 1.5 lb loaf machine. Problem is really I have no idea how to use one or how long to set the timer. I bought a box of bread mix but all it says is follow instructions in manual. Also it said to let the bread cook for at least 2 hours. Can someone shed some light on this for me.
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I have a West Bend bread machine and it has buttons for what type of bread preprogramed-I think its like 3 hours 30 minutes.
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I plugged mine in and saw that as well. All I can do is try right. They did not have a white bread setting but they did have a basic so I guess thats it.

Word of advice never call magic chef for help.
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The basic should be ok. Does it have a button for the size of the loaf you are trying to make?? Lots of times I start the dough in the bread machine then transfer to bread pan and bake in oven.
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No it does not have a loaf size button. I am uploading some pictures maybe you can look at them and tell me the size. I think it should be 1 or 1.5 loaf.
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Perhaps your machine only makes one size. On mine I have a button for load size. Mine is for 1 1/2 pound or 2 pound so the standard must be 1 1/2 pound loaves. I use the bread crust (color) button but put it to medium.. Hopefully this helps. There are bread machine recipe books available (check the library or online).
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Well I read a review someone made online for this model and they say its a 1 and/or 1.5 loaf. So I can make either or. Either way just put a loaf in. We will see how it goes in 3 hours. So far so good. And for 5$ it appears to work ok.
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Good luck!! I haven't used mine in quite a while!!
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$5! You can't complain about that!
Let us know how the bread turns out.
I bought my machine used, and so I didn't have an instruction manual either. But like Gail said, you'll find heaps of recipes online or in the library.
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Yeah I will for sure let ya'll know how it turns out. I also put a tsp of flax seed in there with it.
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Man you can tell I am very new to this. Here I am checking the bread (through the window) every 30mins going "Why is it not baking? Why is it not very warm?" So I go and look online to find an answer. Come to find out it only takes 25-30 mins to bake so I am still in the rising time. Ahh well 1 hr 20 mins left.

By the way for those with bread machines. I found a neat sight with all kinds of bread machine mixes. I plan to pick one or 2 of the sampler packs on pay day. Here is the link and below it the one I for sure an gonna get:
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That reminds me, I need to bake some bread! I got a breadmaker for my birthday and hardly use it! I just don't have time
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how did your bread turn out?
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Here's a scanned image of your manual:

Happy baking!
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Thank You mschauer.

My bread turned out great. Everyone had a piece yesterday and loved it. I just had a piece with my breakfast.
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Another good place for baking is the king arthur flour website (can't remember name offhand-the bakers pantry????. They should be able to mail you a catalog vs trying to view to online.
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