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Hi all. The Arlington Animal Welfare League is CLOSED to ALL
CATS for surrender AND ADOPTION.

They fear an outbreak of the super Calci virus bug.

Unfortunately for me, one of my rescue kittens was
placed with them on Sunday with what MY vet
assured me was simply an URI that would pass.

The kitten Martini was doing VERY well, my
cats (all vaccinated) were NOT getting sick
or showing symptoms after 4 wks of continual
contact with this kitty AND he was recovering
from his sneezing and eye goop (one eye only)
when I placed him.

Indeed, his energy level was good, he was eating
and playing fine.

My guess is the shelter panicked and has decided
he (or possibly another cat?) has the Calci super
bug and is over reacting.

When I called today, for info, they told me Martini
was still alive and on a 7 day quarantine to see
if he would improve with meds.

I am PRAYING (please pray with me) that he
is only suffering from Herpes or Chalmydia
that the drugs will make the difference.

I should add, the kitten was ill when I found it,
wandering outside my home. It had NO owner
(that i could find). It was sneezing and had
eye goop. It had appetite however, ate ravenously.

Always maintained a good appetite through out.

I was forced to leave him at home due to overseas
trip,a nd the pet sitter did not always get the meds
down him. That was for the 10 days I was gone.

When I got back, the eye had not cleared up, but
the sneezing was SIGNIFICANTLY better. So I
took back to vet and had combo tested. He
combo tested negative for ELIZA (feline aids
and luke). I then got antibios for him for 7
more days.

During this period, I had to surrender him as I
could not care for him AND have my mother and
family in the house. (They made my life hell about
giving him a chance to get adopted blah, blah blah.)

Because i felt he was pretty healthy and recovering
nicely I was brow beaten into agreeing to put him
at the MOSTLY non kill (only one I could find who would help me)
shelter in Arlington.

Now, 4 days later, they are on lock down!!
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Fingers are crossed for all the cats there!
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Hope all goes well w/Martini!! Sending alittle \t to watch over you all!!
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Sending lots of and Prayers for Martini and all the cats and kittens at the shelter.
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You have my prayers as well for a good outcome for him.
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oh no! Best of luck!
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Thank you all. I am not able to get more info on Martini
from the Arlington Animal Welfare League desk.

I did email them to give particulars on his case, and
to register my complaint they NOT put him to sleep!

I wonder which vet(s) they use - vets have different
takes on this disease...

I may go in person to find out on Saturday. I am heart sore and sick with
worry. Honestly HE WAS FINE/GETTING BETTER when I got home from
my trip!!

And none of MY cats got sick. If it were super Calci - you better believe
they'd be showing signs of it NOW. Cause they were in close contact
for 4 wks or more!!

My gut feeling is he has Herpes NOT CALCI virus. And he probably HAD the FVR upper respiratory virus earlier. Pray with me, keep us in your thoughts.

I may IF he makes it through and they re-open the shelter to adoptions - ask for someone to pull him out for me (volunteer to be my "front") so I can get him back and do the adoption out myself.

Last time I placed 2 kitties there and followed them. When they had not moved by November (after Thanksgiving) some kind soul on this board volunteered to help me pull them out of the shelter by acting as my front.

These two kittens stayed with me for 2 weeks, then went directly to my vets for adoption. AND they were adopted from my vet's office in FIVE count that (5) days!!

All my kittens have been
sweethearts and moved well. If Martini lives through t his he will be no exception to this rule because he's the most wonderful fetching little guy.

Great heart and purrrsonality! I pray daily, pray with me for his survival that he pulls through and the shelter's fears are proved to be unfounded!!!

Thanks again to all who check read and care about this message -
and if you live in Northern Va. visit the AAWL website for info on what
is going on.

And if anyone knows anyone who works or volunteers there??
I'd LOVE to know the REAL DEAL of what is going on...

Because I heard them tell one lady (while I was giving up Martini to the shelter) that her rescue - a pit bull mix - had been sent to Loudoun County where it was adopted out from the Loudoun County shelter,

but I live in Loudoun County and unless the shelter has changed its rules,
the county requires ALL pit bulls and mixes be PUT TO SLEEP. So that poor dog that was sent here would have been PTS NOT adopted out.

Now I am wondering at the accuracy of the info given out.

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Well, I'm in Fairfax... If they put him up for adoption and you need a front person, I'll do it.
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