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Sweet Grass

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Ya know the stuff you can get from the pet stores that you grow from the seeds, and it turns into lush green grass for the kitties to nibble on, well here is Mellow with his grass for the first time, I dont think he liked it!

Here are the pictures:

He looks like he is frowning in this picture

What am I suposed to do with this??

I got it, in my mouth


Ill try some more though...

Nope still tastes yukee

It wont come out!!


Right thats it no more for me

He didnt actually eat any of it LOL just tore it out and left it on the floor for me!
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Takoda does the same thing but he will destroy the plant and leave it scattered everywhere! Never eats any of it.
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My cat is not impressed with cat grass either, or cat nip.
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OMG! LOL Those are cute shots. I love the one where he's trying to pull out a blade of grass. Such a determined expression on his face! LOL
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LOL!!!! Good to know that plants are safe with that kitty
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