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Why does she chew plastic??

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So a few weeks back I posted a thread about options for Roxie to stop clawing so we could get some new furniture. Well we got her soft claws and she has adjusted fine. She still uses her scratching post and not the new leather couch


At the same time we got the new couch, BF and I acquired an antique table that belonged to his grandfather who passed about 2 years ago. It is in excellent condition. The chairs have custom made plastic covers on them. Yes, they are a little tacky but they were expensive and protect the fabric of the seats so nicely. We noticed that Roxie has taken to chewing on them! I mean like really sinking her fangs in them! BF is really upset with her and is getting to his wits end. Why would she do this and how can I stop her? Is it revenge for the soft claws?

Some advice is hugely needed!! Right now we only let her out of our bedroom if we can be in the other room supervising her because she can't be trusted. Neither of us want to see her cooped up to one room 90% of the time! Help!!
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Many cats chew plastic given half a chance, it's not a behavioural oddity peculiar to your cat!

I would get some bitter apple spray, test it on the underside to make sure it's not going to damage the plastic coating in any way, and if all is well spray that on the plastic. The bad taste of it should hopefully discourage her.
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Thank you for the input Epona! I think I will head to the Pet store for some of that spray tonight! Crossing my fingers for it to work.
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I don't know about thick plastic such as furniture coverings, but some plastic bags are made with animal fats, which is why cats like to lick or chew them. But they also seem to enjoy the texture and the sounds the plastic makes.
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in some plastics I believe fish oil is used in manufacture? Whatever it is, Radar is a plastic addict, and he will chew and shred it any chance he gets. I just know if I had chairs with plastic coverings they would end up with cat teeth marks all over if I left them to it, so I sympathise.
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I just wrote an article on this, and animal fats are NOT used in the making of plastic by any measure. I mistakenly thought they were as well having heard about it sometime in the past. But after talking to several manufacturers of plastic bags and a chemist- dioxins (animal fats) have nothing to do with the plastic industry. There is some chemical compound that impacts a cat's Jacobsen Organ and causes him to react to the plastic by either peeing on it or eating it.
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How dangerous is it to let them continue this behaviour? My cat will chew on any plastic bag I bring in the house and will do it for a fairly long time. She has not ingested any of it as of yet, but I know she shouldn't.

What harm can chewing on plastic do to her?
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I feel its harmless, as long as the cat isn't eating the plastic. Most cats will just lick or chew, but not eat it. It seems to make my cat happy, so I let him.
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