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Mean kitty!!!

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about 2 months ago i brought home a new kitten, i already had a one yr old male and an 7 mo old female.. the female is beating my kitten up daily. for the entire time we have had her.. during the day i keep them seperated cause who knows what she would do to her when im not there. its bad enough what she does when i am there. i have tried to stop this but im almost ready to find a new home for my kitten!! she is depressed and barely hangs out when the other cat is around. she is absolutely relentless. the kitten cant do anything!! no playing eating or litter box if she had her way.. the male cat and the kitten get along fine, i know my female is aggresive, she play fights with the male all the time. but i can tell she is being vicious with the kitten.. please help
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You absolutely must never leave the kitten alone with the others when you're out. She can't possibly manage alone and needs her own safe place with box, water, toys, bed, etc. til she's big enough to face off with the other one. Also try Feliway plug-ins (you can order them online) as they can go a long way towards calming both cats, but only later on when they're more equal in size.
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Excellent advice. We kept Bijou and Mika separated for a full month when we weren't at home. We allowed supervised visits when we were home, but if Bijou got aggressive with Mika (who is half his size), we immediately separated them again. We didn't "punish" either of them, just separated them.

Bijou sometimes still gets a bit rough, but Mika can hold her own now. Then a few minutes later you'll find them cuddled up together, bathing each other and sleeping together.

Even after they learn to get along together there will probably still be "alpha" issues where the female will assert her dominance (if indeed she retains that dominance). That is normal and unless they are hurting each other it's best to let them sort it out. But before then, keep them separated except when supervised as suggested above.
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thanks guys im gonna look for those plug ins to sooth them!! i do always find them cuddling in the morning!
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