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He's a big kid now!

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In honor of Sammy turning 6 months... here are some before and after pics

Before - at 12 weeks, 2lbs 9oz

After - at 6 months and a whopping 8lbs!

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WOW! That's a BIG difference!
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He grew up into a very handsome kitty!
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Too cute! How big do you think he'll get when he's full grown?
My Angel is just like him is fur coloring and body.
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Awww Sammy somone has been eating really good there. What shiny beautiful boy he is.

My Tino and Ducky were around that weight at 6 months old and they are 18-20 LBS now.
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*tongue in cheek* Are you feeding that boy growth hormones ... he is lovely and BIG
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Nope.. just a mixture of raw and Innova Evo

He's going to be a big boy tho. He's very long.. and while he's thinner than Weeble, he's actually bigger. I think he's going to be an 18 pounder just because his stature is so large. But I guess I'll know for sure soon enough

And Sammy says thanks! He's rubbing on the corner of my monitor now, so I take it he approves of everyone's compliments
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I just love black kitties! He is such a handsome boy!!
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What a handsome boy.
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He's going to be a BIG boy. What a cutie.
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awe what a gorgeous kittie u are sammy

Dont they grow o so fast
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