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So my little angel baby is getting neutered tomorrow...

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Sophie is getting neutered at 9am tomorrow. (Sophie's a boy)

I am a nervous WRECK about this!!!

I know it's a routine procedure and I would never think of NOT doing it...but I feel so bad.

I'm going to tell the vet to be extra careful with my baby. I'm sure they hear that a lot.

I've been dreading this day when my Sophie would have his surgery and afraid he'll be so mad at me afterwards.

*le sigh*

Someone tell me to calm down and that I'm over-reacting, and furthermore that he'll be ok!!!!
And maybe if you could send him some vibes for a quick and painless recovery!!!

That's my little baby!!!!!
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*hugs* she will be ok. It is a routine prodecure, billions of kitties have it done. She will be perhaps a bit tender, but kittens recover well from operations, and it's not a major one. It's okay!!
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Oh I know the nerves! I brought the girls to a vet about 45min away for their spaying because he was so highly recommended.

Well on the way home I was such a wreck I took a wrong turn and got lost on some country roads. I swear this is the truth...I called a friend from my cell and said "I don't know where I am, all I can see are corn fields!" And the corn was high that time of year! Fortunately for me, I knew I was between 2 highways that meet at a point north of my house. So I figured I'd get home eventually.

Oh and when I got out of the corn field, I magically ended up at a fabulous seafood restaurant! If I'd been thinking more clearly I'd have taken it as a sign and stopped!
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He will be fine and he won't be mad at you. Cats aren't attached to them the way human males are. He will be fine and by the day after he will be completely back to normal like nothing happened.
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He's laying on my lap right now as I type this purring and all soft n cuddly ready to fall asleep.

He has no idea what's coming.

lol My poor lil angel.

I just dread leaving him in that carrier at the vets (and boy oh boy does he HATE the carrier... he screams and screams)....I'm going to cry like a baby when we're walking out and he's crying out for Mommy.
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Sending lots of quick recovery and calm meowmy vibes He'll be okay
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Thanks so much!!!

We're leaving in just a few minutes, as his appointment is at 9am.

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Awwwww i've got this to go through with Jack in october and i know i'll bawl when i hand him over, i did with Rosie and Sophie

Lots of healthy, healing for your little soldier
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Awwww he'll be fine.

I cried on the way home from dropping off both my boys. With Radar it was particularly bad, as he was the first pet I'd ever had neutered (simply because I never had a pet before where it was an option, you can't neuter parrots and there wouldn't be any point anyway) AND he was having his hernia repair at the same time.

Hope it all goes well for him, I'm sure he'll be bouncing around again in no time
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Neuter vibes for Sophie

I have to ask about his name. Nosey aren`t I?!
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
Neuter vibes for Sophie

I have to ask about his name. Nosey aren`t I?!

Hahaha understandable.

Sophie was given to us and was a "girl".

At about 13 weeks old, we started to notice that she was growing testicles!!!

Sure enough, my lil baby was just underdeveloped and it took a little longer than average for her reproductive organs to show...Err... or HIS organs for that matter.

I considered changing his name, but couldn't do it. He was my Sophie.

He's at the vet right now, we're supposed to pick him up at 3:30.
I'm sending my husband, I can't bear anymore of this. He was meowing and I was crying as I handed him over. I'm getting everything all ready and comfy for him and I went out and bought him all new toys and special treats for when he recovers!!! Talk about GUILT!

I can't wait til my baby is home and I can give him lots of love and cuddles since he's had such a rough day!!!
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Sophie is back from his neuter.

All went well, as I was told.

He's really sleepy right now.

The Vet didn't even offer pain pills, I had to specifically ask for them. I don't want my baby feeling pain for the next few days!! I was surprised it's not almost mandatory.

My poor sleepy little baby.

But at least it's over!!!!!
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Neither of mine needed painkillers, vets here don't routinely offer them after a neuter as the incision is tiny and no muscle tissue is involved, so there's very little soreness or bruising after surgery. Even Radar didn't need them and he had a 2 inch long incision in his abdomen from his hernia surgery, he was fine the next day and running around as normal. I would see how he acts in the morning, but I bet you won't need to use the them

Glad to hear it went well
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Glad to hear everything went well!! He'll be back to his old self in no time!!
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Pepper didn't need any painkillers after his neuter, but Petunia needed pain killers after her spay. I had a really hard time keeping Pepper quiet and not running up and down the stairs, actually, after his neuter!
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Bless his heart!
I`m sure he will be just fine and I bet what with the anaesthetic he will hardly remember a thing. He probably wont even remember you taking him in just be suprised at how many new toys he has gained!
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