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I'm so glad he likes attention! Don't you love it when their purr motors turn on?

I bet he's especially GORGEOUS after a bath!

Good luck at the Vet's!
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The vet went well, he didnt mind being handled and 'shot' by the vet. Its just the neutering I am worried about, is he going to hate me for life?
He got a clean bill of health and right now Peedoodle and Kahu and scoping each other out, nothing violent has happened, so every time Peedoodle goes near Kahu without hurting him, I give him a treat. I wonder how long this will take! I think Peedoodle is the alpha cat here!
Kahu looks a lot better, but he still smells funny, I think its partly from where he was living, with a man who couldnt take care of him, and partly from the shelter. Any ideas of how to get rid of the smell besides baths? I am not ready to get scratched again!
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He won't hate you, I promise. In fact, he may just see you as his savior when you come to take him out of that awful place. Most of the time they do have short memories.

As for the smelly baby, perhaps the vanilla on a towel thing would work. It's obviously usually used when introducing cats or re-aquainting them after the vet visit, but it may help for your nose too. Just a drop of vanilla on a towel and then rub him down with the towel. Don't really know how much it would help, but it's worth a try anyway.

(Do we get more pics of the clean baby now?)
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Heres a picture! I was lucky enough to use a blow dryer LOL. But I couldnt get every single part of him dry as he kept walking around and staring at himself in the mirror!
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He looks bigger in the photos, but he is actually really tiny, when we went to the vet, he weighed in at 6lbs. And his legs look really short, its like he is a munchkin (although he isnt)
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Such a pretty boy! He cleans up pretty well, I'd say.
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Aawww, he seems to be such a lovely kitty! You must be so proud. The pictures are beautiful and I just love the name. I`m looking forward to hearing loads more about him and Peedoodle.

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Things are going okay, but slowly with Peedoodle and Kahu, but I need a reality check - if I love on Kahu, I feel guilty for Peedoodle, and if I love on Peedoodle, I feel guilty for Kahu. Am I crazy?
Peedoodle has started to sniff Kahu's bum - what does that mean? And he is also trying to play with Kahu, but Kahu wont play, he is more interested in nosing around the apartment. Kahu has also started to follow me around, its really cute!
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He really is a handome boy

I hope he and Peedoodle soon become the best of friends
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No Kellye, you're not crazy. I feel the same way except that it is generally because Trent and Ophelia are both very jealous kitties. Ophelia complains loudly if Daddy is loving on Trent and Trent pouts if I love on Ophelia.

As for Peedoodle sniffing Kahu's bum, that's how they greet each other. Peedoodle is also saying that he's the alpha by doing the sniffing, but in a very non-confrontational way. That's a good thing.
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Oh thank goodness, I was running ragged trying to give both of them equal attention! I am just plum exhausted!
We bought a scratching post for Kahu, and now Peedoodle is 'scratching' it even though he has no claws. Isnt that cute?

It is very obvious that Peedoodle is the alpha cat, he is even the boss of us!
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Kahu has adopted the desk as his new bed.

He has become more confident, playing all the time and he is a real sweetheart, Peedoodle and Kahu are starting to tolerate each other and last night someone came to visit and they rubbed up against each other, I praised them to high heaven and it was soooo wonderful!
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I'm so glad things are working out well. Good for you! Congradulations!
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Oh my....what a gorgeous kitty!
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Peedoodle licked Kahu today! Yayyyy! They are now sniffing each others faces with no adverse reactions. Peedoodle has been so wonderful and sooo patient. Kahu is a hyper little thing and he is so entertaining!
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Yeah! I'm so glad they are getting along. You have two very handsome kitty boys, and one pretty foster kitty girl too!
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Oh yeah, if holes suddenly appear, I will know why!
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Originally posted by hissy
Deaf cats are so cool, because they are basically fearless! They don't hear the noises that spook normal kitties, and all they want is to be around their people.
You are right - Kahu follows me EVERYWHERE! Its so cute!... I really adore that little boy!
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Kahu looks very content and at home. Very glad all cats are doing well in the Kiwi household!

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I'm SO GLAD things are going so well!!!! It seems like you're well on the way to having kitties that are going to be great friends.

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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Snowflake has come home! He is very affectionate but does not like to be picked up (he had never been picked up until he was rescued!) But he will come to you for affection if all 4 paws are on the ground. He is sooo sweet, soo pretty with blue eyes! I am so in love!
I gave Peedoodle the blanket that Snowflake was on and he sniffed at it and went to the door to see what was going on. He is in the spare bedroom now with a biiig bed LOL. He seems to be taking to us really well, but we still need to give him time for him to adjust to being in a new home. He is such a sweetheart!
Now that there is one hairy cat.
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He's just beautiful. I hope things continue smoothly between him and Peedoodle!
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