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Meet Snowflake!

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Snowflake has come home! He is very affectionate but does not like to be picked up (he had never been picked up until he was rescued!) But he will come to you for affection if all 4 paws are on the ground. He is sooo sweet, soo pretty with blue eyes! I am so in love!
I gave Peedoodle the blanket that Snowflake was on and he sniffed at it and went to the door to see what was going on. He is in the spare bedroom now with a biiig bed LOL. He seems to be taking to us really well, but we still need to give him time for him to adjust to being in a new home. He is such a sweetheart!
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Another picture! I will keep posting more. He looks like he needs a bath but I will wait until he trusts us more.
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What a pretty kitty!!!!! I love all white!
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Snowflake is a beautiful boy! I look forward to many more pics of him in the future. Best of luck to you!
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What a beautiful, beautiful kitty! You're such an angel!

Please, please post more pics.

And once he's settled in, you MUST write up the story for the rescue site!!!!! PLEASE?!
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he's beautiful! Thanks for taking up this challenge. Deaf cats are so cool, because they are basically fearless! They don't hear the noises that spook normal kitties, and all they want is to be around their people.
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I promise Laurie, I will write an article about Snowflake!!!

I am a little irked right now. The cat man told us dont pick him up until he is ready and sure enough I understand, he needs time. But Jake JUST had to pick him up and Snowflake hid under the bed. I am ready to kill Jake!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

On the other hand, I had Snowflakes smell on my hands so I went to Peedoodle and he sniffed at them and then rolled over. What does that mean?
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Snowflake is just beautiful!

I think it is a good sign that Peedoodle is not responding to Snowflake's scent with any aggression. Sounds like the introductions should go pretty smoothly.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
On the other hand, I had Snowflakes smell on my hands so I went to Peedoodle and he sniffed at them and then rolled over. What does that mean?
It means...yeayyyy...I have someone to play with!

Great to see the pics Kiwideus! Look at that fur! Have fun at bathtime!

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Aww Snowflakes is sooooo handsome! What a pretty boy! I hope the introductions go well!
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I just went in the room and Snowflake was sitting at the windowsill, and when he saw me I sat on the bed and let him watch me, no eye contact, and then I slowly moved up to the sill, opposite the end where Snowflake was at, and he came up to me and we had some scritches. He soooo loves his scritches! Peedoodle is sitting outside the door right now and I let him smell my hands again and no aggression at all. Not even dilated pupils. SO I am hoping that it is a good sign he will allow Snowflake into his life.
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Kiwideus A big CONGRATS mate! He really is a stunner and you seem to be doing so well!!! Don't be to mad at Jake it would be very hard to resist picking up this beautiful ball of fluff! LOL! I think it won't take long for Snowflake to realise that you both mean him no harm and also I bet he can't wait to meet the great Peedoodle!!!!! It won't take long at all! Yeah lot's of fishy kisses and furry hugs mate!
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I have been looking at different names for the cat as Snowflake is the shelter given name.
Since he is white, I have thought of Luna,
Since he is sooo lovely, I have thought of the name Kahurangi but Kahu for short - in Maori, it means 'precious jewel'
Or because of his lovely blue eyes, I thought of Azure. But I cannot decide LOL. Which one do you think is best?
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Hmmmmmm Difficult question mate! Does he answer to Snowflake? If so you might have to find a name that resembles that in sound so that he will still respond to it! Otherwise I really like Kahurangi as it is so different and it's meaning! But then again I like Luna too hehehe!!! Guess I am not really much help at all! :tounge2:
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The cat is deaf so he wont respond at all LOL. Jake veto'd Azure and Luna and said we can call him Kahu. My original choice was Fernando ( I sooo love that name!) but it was a BIIIIGGG no-no with Jake!

Looks like his name is Kahu.
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He is absolutely precious!!! As far as names go, I really think the shelter name fits him well. He's so soft and fluffy looking, just like snow.
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I like Kahurangi. The Maori are such interesting people! The little bit I heard them speak their language, it sounded almost musical.
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My nana was a maori and so the maori culture means a lot to me.
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Okay so his official name is Kahu Fernando Luna Azure Snowflake the 1st!!! I think that way (as he is deaf and doesn't respond anyway) You can call him any one of those on different days! :tounge2:
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LOL, that gave me a good laugh! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

He is sleeping sweetly on the windowsill, he looks sooo cute!
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*bursts in to song*

"Can you Feeeeeeeeeellllllllllll the drums Fernandoooooooo"
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I remember long ago another starry night like this
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In the firelight Fernando.........
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Sounds like all will go well. Has Kahu been able to smell Peedoodle on your hands? (probably smells him all over)

More PIcs! What a sweetheart.
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Jake said he wanted to sleep with Kahu in the bedroom to keep him company and I said I would sleep in our normal room so Peedoodle wouldnt feel left out.
Imagine my surprise when I got up at 8.30 and Jake was already up.
I asked him what happened?
He said that Kahu had been up all night playing and playing and was quite wild.
He asked for it LOL. I take it as a good sign that he is comfortable with people in the room.
He is such a sweetie, tomorrow is the big day at the vet and then we can get Peedoodle and Kahu to touch noses. I am a little afraid.
The photos make Kahu look a little bigger than he is, is is quite tiny, has these littlest legs and feet. Tiny little feet that are sooo cute! And the good news is, he still has all his claws!
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Aww, what a pretty kitty! He is lucky to have you as his new mum. I am glad he is getting along with your other kitty ok. They should be fun to watch when they get to know each other better.
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Awww what a pretty one. I had a foster a little while back, hated being picked up, didn't jump she always had to have 4 paws on the floor, it took us forever to convince her to put her 2 front paws up on my lap... just for a second! But by the time she got adopted she was much better, she was jumping up on my lap, she even jumped on the counter once! =O But she was still iffy about being held at times.

Hope the babe likes a good brushing!
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I brushed him last night and he just loved it, kept coming back for more! He is soooo tiny compared to Peedoodle, I guess I am not used to little kitties, after having Peedoodle, every cat I see is tiny LOL. I think the poor darling is exhausted after playing all night, he has been sleeping most of the morning, but he came out to eat some wet cat food.
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Last night I slept with Kahu, he slept on the bed with me, which I took as a good sign. Last night he came out to explore his new surroundings (living room, kitchen, hallway), he walked meowing meowing all the time, and then starting running up and down the hallway, playing with the toys. While Peedoodle is sleepign with Jake in the bedroom, I have let Kahu out this morning and he is sitting on the desk with me right now. He is sooo sweet! He is my little Hemi motor, his purr reverbates his tiny little body. He is soo loving this attention that I am giving him! Scritches and head bobs galore!
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I am so glad he is adjusting well! He sounds like a sweety!
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