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Happy gotcha day Cleo!!

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(i didn't actually know what a gotcha day was till i researched it 5 mins ago, i thought it was a birthday lol)

One year to the day, little Cleo was 4 months old, and on the brink of being PTS because she was dumped, or born in the wild to a dumped mum. The council dropped her off at the vets, as they knew Wendy (Tristans mum) wouldn't say no. She had a belly full of worms, and had not used her eyes since being born. She had a big op to remove her eyes, sew up the lids, and get spayed. It was a huge shock seeing her for the first time with stitches in her face, and trying to stop her from bumping into things and trying not to touch the woundsites.

It was also a year ago i joined TCS, to get help with looking after a blind kitty, and now this place is a second home.

So, she went home with Tristan, and i become a mummy again You all know she doesn't live with me, but as she is officially Tristans kitty, i am the mum, and i named her too I only get to see her fortnightly when i stay at Tristans, but i get to spend a couple of days with her. Apparently when i'm not there she sleeps on my pillow and sniffs around where i usually put my bag and things on the floor. I feel privilaged We're having a party tonight, which means i don't have to cook! (was going to make my very first chicken florentine with some honey roasted veges and a cherry pie)

Happy gotcha day Cleo!!!! I hope we get many many more years of your cuteness, psychoticness, and your weaving in and out of my legs as i stumble out of bed and cant see anything, just so you can have food!

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Happpppy Gotcha day Cleo!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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Happy gotcha day Cleo! She is a beautiful girl!!
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Happy belated Gotcha Day!
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Happy gotcha day you beautiful girl!!
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What a sweet story!
Happy gotcha day!
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Happy Gotcha Day Cleo!
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Oh my goodness...
I am late with my gotcha day good wishes but I will tell you this....
after reading this thread, I am sitting her with tear of joy is my eyes.

Dear precious Cleo....
you are a blessing to all little darling.
Happy Gotcha Day
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Happy Gotcha Day Cleo!
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Happy Gotcha Day Cleo!
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Thanks everyone for your best wishes.

I have to add to the story. It actually seems after Cleo was picked up by the council and taken to the pound, she was sent to be put down, because they don't do surgery there and they thought it best, she was in alot of pain. So they sent her to the vet to be put down, and they asked Wendy if she wanted her, because only then could they do the surgery for free, which apparently is about $2000. Otherwise she would no longer be here. They are amazing
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Happy Gotcha Day Cleo!!!
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