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New Kittens acting strange

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about five days ago I got two new kittens, brothers, I was told they are 8 weeks old. I am a little concerned because they seem to be very unsteady on their feet. They sleep almost constantly, one especially. I know kittens sleep a lot but if I try to stand one of them on his feet, he just kinda melts back down. And when they do walk its very unsteady, I don't remember them being so unsteady when I very first got them. Is it normal for a kitten this age?
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Have you taken them to a vet for their 8 week check-up???
Are you familiar with their medical history prior to getting them?

I'd recommend taking them to your vet for a full look-over.
My kittens slept a lot at first, but the unsteadiness is what worries me, especially if they didn't seem to have it at first.

Maybe you'll get other advice here from those who've been through similar experiences, but in my opinion, better safe than sorry, a trip to the vet never hurts!!!

Good luck with your new furbabies!!!!
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I second the has a vet seen them>>???

Most 8 week olds I have seen are a bit unsteady in jumping but can walk and mostly run fine and steady
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They have never been to a vet or had anything done to them before I got them. I have not taken them to the vet yet but they did have diahrrea when I first got them so I wormed them and changed their diet and it has firmed up. They both got their first vaccines today.
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I wonder if they really are 8 weeks old. Younger kittens sleep much more than older ones and struggle on their feet. When you feed them do they at least run for the food?
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yes they do run for the food. They have healthy intake of food and water, and healthy output of waste. They are interested in playing when they arent sleeping. They like my other cats, each other, and people.
well the mother and daughter who i got the kittens from, kind of argued about whether they are 4 weeks or 8 weeks old. The daughter says they were born on june 15th which would put them at 8 week mark but who knows if thats an accurate date. I dont know how to tell. I looked online and it said that kittens get teeth at 6 weeks and they do have teeth.
It doesnt seem like they cant balance, it looks more like their legs are kind of weak.
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i watched some videos of 8 week old kittens and they do look a lot bigger than these guys.
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After doing more research and stuff, I'm pretty sure that the mom was right when she said they were four weeks old. So now they are only almost 5 weeks old. I have been feeding them kibble softened with water. Wet food seems to give them diahrrea. Should I moisten their food with kitten milk instead?
Now I'm worried that I wormed and vaccinated them too early :/
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Poor little babies! That's kinda young to get taken from mom. If they were mine, I would get them to a vet -- better safe than sorry!
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KMR stage 2 mixed with wet or dry kitten
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I would take them to a vet; maybe the vet can figure out how old they are. And yes, it might be a good idea to use KMR or goat's milk to soften their food. It would give them some extra nutrition.
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