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We're looking at a house tomorrow!

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It's an OLD house that used to be the town hall. It's HUGE, and completely run down, windows busted out, no plumbing, and has been sitting vacant for a few years. But it's soooo cheap and it's something we can use for storage for awhile and fix up ourselves and eventually be able to move into. I'm soooo excited, even though it's probably going to be awful looking.
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OMG That's so COOL! I see people turning old building into homes on HGTV and it always makes me so jealous!

I'm so excited for you!
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Cool! I love watching those shows too. There was one English couple who bought an old church and they repaired it and turned it into a loft house. Sooo perty!!

Good luck! And show us pictures as you go
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How exciting. I am also a big fan of HGTV as some of the other replies mention..I would love to buy and old building and renovated it exactly as I would like. I have been watching the series that Sara Richardson is doing on HGTV about the house she bought and now is totally renovating. It is incredible some of the things you can do and how much more value you can add to a property by cleaning it up and adding to it.
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good luck, make sure you show us pictures of before and as your doing it up then the finished house. i always love to see how things are transformed.
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Wow thats awesome!!! Ive always wanted to do something like that...If I lived close to you I would love to help!!! I love to remodel!!!
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Good luck! I hope you don't find any 'surprises' in the basement!
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Good luck!!! I watch those HGTV shows too and it's amazing what can be done!!!!

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That is so awesome!! I am jealous!!

Yes, we DEFINATELY need before and after pics, please!!!
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Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
Good luck! I hope you don't find any 'surprises' in the basement!
I was gonna mention that too. Just be careful, cause those older houses can have a severe rat infestation that actually affects the foundation of the house. It can get so bad that the house has to be condemned.

But other than that it's gonna be so exciting for you rebuilding something that old. Those older buildings have real appeal especially after they've been fixed up.
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Yes, the home inspections (termites, foundation, etc.) will be very important on such an old place. Congrats, sounds very historic and original.
Oh, and watch out for ghosts that don't want to leave such a neat place...
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I'll definitely keep everyone updated on the progress. We're so excited, John is taking off work early to talk to the county about getting plumbing to it and all that stuff... and he's already applying for the loan.
I'm gonna take tons of pictures so we'll have our "before" pictures. I can't wait to see it so I can start making a plan for fixing it up!

Good luck! I hope you don't find any 'surprises' in the basement!
There's no basement! It's a huge 2-story house with an attic but no basement.

Oh, and watch out for ghosts that don't want to leave such a neat place...
That's actually what we're hoping for, lol. We go ghosthunting at other big old houses. This one just looks spooky! And it was built in 1884 which is just so cool!
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I really admire people like you doing something like that, because i couldn't

You should have a word with Jenny (jennyranson) and ask her to show you the before and after pics of her house in France. You wouldn't think it was the same place.
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Check into your state real estate laws about this.

Here in MN you can't just buy a house and fix it up and get a loan for it - if you pay for it in cash or total amount you can. But the banks won't finance unless you can move in there in 30 days and its livable!

We learned that when looking for a house. We had found a house that had to be fixed up; was willing to do it (DH can do ANY thing ), and we qualified - price wise.

However when we talked to the loan manager, she asked us (before they went to assess it for value) "can you guys move in in 30 days? Is it livable right now?" - we told her no, we wanted to buy it and fix it up.

She said that it was against MN law to do that now. So when we found our present house, first question she asked was "can you guys move in?" - we told her "oh yes, no problem with this one"

Also DH just told me for you to check zoning laws - if its zoned for commercial you may not be able to convert it to a residence.
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