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Pictures of my Babies!

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Lilly...she wouldn't look directly at me lol

Max...he is always so photogenic!

Sadie...attempting to attack as usual

Sam...sweet as always!

Tigger...a close up of him

Zoey...a bit laid back after her bath

Mel...haning out relaxing

Billy...Kevin's Lizard

I thought Id post some pix of my babies its been a while since Ive posted all of them...Zoey is already at 22lbs...LOL she is so big and VERY hyper!! Sam and Sadie are growing fast Sadie weighs 4.5lbs and Sam weighs 4....she is small but chubby It amazes me how they get big so fast...How are everyone else's babies?
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Awww... so pretty.
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They are all adorable~including Billy!!
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I'll move this to the cats and other animals forum
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Love your pics

Can I have Zoey She looks huggable and kissable.

I have this thing for tiger-stripped cats, haven't had a tiger-stripped in years.
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LOL she is huggable and kissable until you find her toy then shes wired LOL sqeek it once and throw it you will have her busy for hours!
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Awww, sweet babies!!
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Cute pictures of your babies.
Billy is cute! Will you please share pics of your custom enclosure for him when it is done? I love looking at people's creativity when it comes to their animals...I bet it will look awesome.
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Aww, Zoey's cute. She reminds me of a dog I used to have.

You may want to get the lizard off of wood chips, they're dangerous. Loose substrates like that are a hazard to reptiles who may accidentally eat it. Instead try something like Reptile Carpet or textured ceramic tiles. These are safer, cheaper, and a lot easier to clean.
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I love them. Keno is VERY shy about direct photos - she refuses to look straight at you - every time I get a good shot in view, she will turn her head.
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yes we will deffinately post pix of the enclosure when we get it finished... and thanks for the advice on the woodchips I will buy him some carpet tomorrow when we get paid
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Beautiful babies! Mel is so cute!
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