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PLEASE advise!

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Hey guys, I need some advice and I need it quick!

Theres a cat that my friend looks after, its not actually hers but shes been feeding the cat since moving to her flat about a year ago. At first we thought she had an owner but it turns out this is not the case.

We hadn't seen the cat for a while and this afternoon my friend came home and found the cat with a new born kitten!!!!

As far as we know the cat hasn't had her vaccinations or anything. What do we do? My friend is absolutely freaking out!

Is the kitten going to be ok if the mother wasn't vaccinated?

Is the mother going to be ok?

Shes taken her in to her flat, fed the mother and now they seem happy.

What do we do? PLEEEASE HELP!
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if your friend has other cats then they need to be kept seprate untill the vet can give her the all clear.
sounds like your friend is doing everything right, set her up with her litter box, food and freash water.
keep it nice and quiet for her, has your friend looked around the area she was in for any other newborn kittens? if not just have a scout around just to be on the safe side. once she is settled i would suggest a trip to the vet just for a check over and make sure all is well with them.
bless your friend for taking her in, and for you for getting the advice for her.
she can get pregnant just a few days after giving birth so if your friend can try not to let her out untill she has been spayed.
oh and 1 more thing, its best to start feeding the mum a good quilty kitten food wet and dry.
and check for flees, flees on new born kittens can/will kill them if they get bad.
you can do this by taking a flee comb and combing through the kittens/mums fur get a bowl with water and a few drops of down dishwashing soap and swish it about so you get a top layer of foam get some paper towls brush the kitten with the comb and dip it in the bowl and shake of any flees, then dry the comb before repeating.
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