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Prescription Food Question

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I have three kitties on Royal Canin S/O. ...two of them have had crystals...one had surgery to clean out her bladder. I'd like to be able to get them off this food , if possible.

Would it be possible to feed them the Royal Canin dry in the morning, and say, Wellness grain free wet in the evening without hopefully causing urinary problems? I just don't care for the ingredients in this food, wet or dry and would like to be able to get them on a premium food.

The other two get Serengeti dry in the morning and Wellness grain free canned in the evening.

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I agree with you on your opinion of RX food. It contains far too many grains IMHO.

I also have two cats with a history of crystals. They eat grain and fish free varieties of Wellness and Natural Balance. To help acidify their urine and prevent crystals I add about 250mg of L-Methionine to their food once a day. I use Natural Balance Venison and Pea to hide the medication because the taste of the food is strong enough to hide the meds. I buy L-Methionine capsules at the health food store cut them open and add the powder to the food. I'm still adjusting the dosage to obtain the desired pH at the minimum Methionine dose.

I did try just feeding wet food to Eric after I took him off Hills c/d due to high blood glucose problems. He promptly developed crystals. That's why I'm adding Methionine to their diet. In general, however, one of the best things you can do for a crystals prone cat is feed him as much wet food as possible. The extra moisture encourages frequent urination. The less time urine spends in the bladder the less opportunity for crystals to develop. The all wet diet has also helped Eric's blood glucose level return to normal.

There are other ways to get Methionine into their diet. I know other members here are using these methods. Methigel is a methionine containing gel that can be added to food. Some cats will lick it off fingers. Here's a link. Other on line stores sell it. I find the prices and shipping costs at Entirely Pets are good.

Drs. Foster and Smith carry a urine acidifier that comes in both pill and gel form. Here's the link.

If you do a forum search under "urine acidifiers" you should find information from other members who have used Methigel or the Foster and Smith products.

I need to add the official reminder that you should discuss any changes with your vet.
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