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My little Kitto

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I hope Im not boring you , I figure if anyone will listen to me gush about my kitten its you all! He has recovered from his sprained ankle,and is back to his happy little self. He is growing so fast! He's thin but tall. Every time I look at him I am so happy I found him. This is odd, but he absolutely will not come downstairs. He lives in my sewing/guest room, and explores the other rooms, but stops dead at the stairs. He won't let me carry him down there, either. We don't care, he can live up there his whole life if he wants. I think maybe he was so traumatized by whatever happened to him outside,he's just feeling secure where he is.
Here's a question also, when do males start their sex life or whatever you call it. All my fosters were s/n when they were 2 pounds so I have to find out when I need to get that done. I'd like to wait a bit longer so hes completely recovered, and there are no unspayed females here.
Here he is in his little piece of heaven:

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Awww What a little sweetheart!
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He's beautiful!!!
How old is he now?

My vet won't spay/neuter until 6 months of age, my sophie just hit 6 months and is going for his neuter tomorrow!!!

I would never wait more than six months though, as that's when I tend to see cats develop an "interest".

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Well, I have had him for 3 weeks, and I think he was around 10 weeks when I found him, so about 3 months I guess. So, probably get him fixed by thanksgiving, then?
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omg look at that face!! just gorgeous!!
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Awww he's really a little handsome guy Would love to pick him up and hug and kiss him.

How old is he now? I recommend him being neutered at 3-4 months old - they can breed and get pregnant at 4 months old. Talk to your vet as far as how "healed" he is and weight wise.

Sounds like he's just a baby and may need longer to navigate steps. Can you sit on the steps about 1/2 way up/down and just carry him there and put him in the middle? Maybe get a ball or string to entice him to go up and down.
With the sprained ankle, maybe he's afraid of putting weight on it. Does he do any kind of jumping up or down now? Like from a bed, etc.?
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His ankle is all better now. Like it never happened, until I get my Visa bill, LOL. He is extremely cuddly. I love that! I think he is about 3 months old now. I will look at getting him fixed, I will call the vet.
It's so odd because I had NO intentions of getting another cat. We already have 4 with my son and his cat living with us at the moment. And sometimes I foster. But Kitto and I are a match made in heaven, seriously. I could never give him away, he's been thru enough and we have enough space really. My husband is so funny, he kept saying"you're going to find him a home, right?" and I would say yes. Today he said it and then he just burst out laughing. He knows I have found Kitto a home!
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