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Whew, she's finally settling down!

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Stumpy's been in another annoying mood today She's obsessed with jumping up behind the tv and then trying to get on it (it's a flat screen that wouldn't be too stable if a cat jumped on it). She's been doing it repeatedly today, so I've had close to 10 big laser pointer sessions this morning so far, then we went outside and spent about 20-25 minutes on the leash wandering around, and I've just given her some more dry food since they had none left, and she's finally lying down having a nap after having a bath.

I swear this cat is getting me prepared for having kids!!!!
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As my Mom says... sometimes we are given exactly what we need. Even if we don't ask for it.
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Sounds like Stumpy is indeed preparing you for the little one that's on the way.

How is the lovely Smudge today? I love seeing her sweet face every time you post.
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Baby Smudgie is as sweet and lovable and well behaved as ever!!!

She had a good play on the bed this morning pouncing on our feet. She can play that game and not actually hurt us at all, and will only play when we're actively trying to play that game - as opposed to a certain tabby cat who does it any time you roll over in bed and sinks her teeth into the blanket/sheet/your feet!

Smudge is so funny to watch - she lies low, puts her ears down and wriggles her bum, wriggles some more, then eventually pounces the tiny distance (maybe 12 inches) to where we're wriggling our toes. Funny girl!
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