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Articles from Maryland

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I saw these two articles today. Things are not looking good for cats in my area right now.


This one is really terrible. I am glad he is back in prison.
The poor woman who had those two cats...

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I know it's been grim 'round here.
My coworker had a litter living under her house and it took us weeks to find a group to help us. Every foster is up to capacity and she couldnt take them b/c her family is allergic.

And the sad part is - we never got the mother to TNR. She disappeared while we were catchiner her kits, never to reappear again.
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How very, very sad....RIP, little kitties who were stomped to death - their sacrifice has resulted in a mentally ill, registered sex offender is back in prison Heaven must have a very special place for those kitties indeed.
And my heart breaks for all the poor cats & kittens so desperately needing homes and for the shelter workers dealing with the onslaught. I can't imagine having to put down cats ,esp. kittens like those cuties in the picture. Sending "find-safe home" vibes to them all.
Thanks for posting and CARING! Susan
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