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My Rental Agency has a Heart Afterall

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I have lived in this apartment since October 1996.

Initially the yearly rent increases were kept to the maximum cost of living inflation rate which was between 1% and 3%. However for the past 5 years the agency has been apply for increases (between 8% and 12%) above the set guideline amounts and have been getting them each and every time!

When I moved in I had a monthly rent rebate of $45.00 per month because my apartment is the 2nd most expensive one bedroom in this building and has nothing different about it than any other one bedroom apartment here.

The leasing manager took my rent rebate away 3 years ago and refused to give it back even when I talked to her about it. And she was a real witch about it too. And I wasn't well so I didn't bother fighting for it.

My new lease indicated that my rent was going from $664.00 per month (no parking) to $719.00 per month on October 1.

I've been wanting to move but between money and health I just haven't been able to.

When my new lease came I didn't even bother contacting the leasing manager about a rebate/reduction because she was a total witch the last 3 years and I didn't feel like getting into a fight with her. So I just signed the lease and turned it into the caretaker.

When I handed her the lease she asked if I asked about a rebate. I told her no. She said I should because the old leasing manager was fired and that there is a new one there now. And told me that I should write a letter and that she would go to bat for me and also get the property manager to as well.

I just got my new lease back and they are giving me a $30.00 montly rent rebate. So on October 1 my rent isn't going up to $719.00 per month, it will be $689.00 per month. Still way more than it should be IMHO considering I don't have a balcony, air conditioning, in suite storage or in suite washer and dryer, but it's better than nothing. $30.00 on a fixed income is alot of money!

I have to go out this weekend so I'm going to pick up a box of chocolates for my caretaker. She's such a sweetie.

Here is the letter I wrote to them:

Dear Madam:


I am appealing to you for a rent rebate on my October 1, 2007 rent increase.

I have lived in this building, in the same apartment since 1996. With the exception of one time my rent has always been paid on time. The exception was a nation-wide problem with payroll that was the fault of The Royal Bank and it affected 10's of thousands of people across the country. I did notify the property manager of Apex at that time and she told me that everyone had been granted an extension because of that.

The current price of my 1 bedroom is $664.00 per month and is scheduled to go up to $719.00 per month on October 1, 2007. I know that my 1 bedroom is the second most expensive 1 bedroom in this building, and I have seen a 2 bedroom here advertised for $728.00 per month.

I have been off work ill for the past few years and am receiving a relatively small fixed disability income and it’s extremely hard to make it from month to month. I do have plans of returning to work once my health improves and I have been rehabilitated, but that is not in the immediate future and won’t be for probably a year.

I have lived here for so long because I like my apartment and the caretakers are wonderful.

Please, I am asking that a rent rebate be put in place for my apartment because I have lived here for so long, have been a good and quiet tenant, my rent is in good standing, and the fact that this apartment is considerably so much higher in price than other apartments in this building of the exact same size and that there are 2 bedroom apartments not much more in price.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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at least they gave you that! I can't believe that they have raised the rent that much! it's crazy
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I'm glad your getting your rebate but that's still an insane ammount of rent to pay! :eyes:

Heck, we have a 2 bed 1.5 bath 2 story townhouse w/ everything you mentioned you don't have (carport, laundry, dishwasher, AC) and our rent is about the same as yours.
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I am glad she gave you a rebate sometimes there are nice people
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Wow, actually in SE MI $719 is the average price for an apartment.

Still that's awesome that the caretaker informed you have the old manager. I wonder if she was somehow embezzling. You deserve that rebate all those years...makes me wonder how many other people she did that too.

Anyhoo good luck and I'm glad you got the rebate!
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Yeah increased rents in areas without rent control is terrible. I used to live in the Bay Area of California and they had rent control - I never got a rent increase year after year. But now I'm in the Irvine area and the Irvine company owns everything - not only are the prices already RIDICULOUS (1775 for a 2bd (no washer/no garage/but decent size for the area) + its gonna cost me 25 more per month when I get my kitty) - but they raise rent every year. I know that its going to be at least 100 more/month come next September - but I can only hope my school increases our budgets accordingly since thats how this whole area is.

I'm really glad they're working with you! Its nice to know some companies have a heart.
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Wow, makes me stop complaining about my rent!
at least you dont have to pay so much more! Glad you got a bit back!
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I hope the letter does the trick. It's so well layed out that I can't imagine them turning you down. If they do though, I would request to move into one of those 2-bedrooms. The amount of work it takes them to deal with an apartment switch that ties up 2 apartments should help them see the light.

Good luck on that.
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