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Just a suggestion...

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I love the Lounge forum, but I did have a suggestion since it's so large and the different types of posts are all mixed together. Maybe it would be easier for everyone to find the type of posts they are interested in if the lounge was divided into different sections. For example: one section for general postings, one section for humor, and one section for pictures. I have looked at some other boards and have seen it done this way.
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Thanks Laurie for making a suggestion, that was very nice of you.

I will bring this up in the moderators lounge, and to Anne's attention as well and see what the others think.

Thanks again!
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I agree! I do think it would be more helpful for people to search the lounge with different catagories. Great suggestion, Lorie!
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I have noticed some of the threads having a whole mix of categories in them. Like one person will start off telling a story, then it leads to a member posting pics of their cat, which then leads to another topic all in one thread. Can get quite confusing.

I totally agree with Lorie's suggestion. Especially in the last few weeks, there have been a number of new members joining and expanding the group. A little closer organization in the Lounge would make threads easier to follow and give more direction to people's interests.

A separate picture area would really help, rather than several picture threads intermixed with other Lounge topics.

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Not trying to rain on anyone's parade here, but they did that on another forum that I am moderator on, and they have pretty much organized themselves right out of business. We have lost a lot of members because there are so many things to sort through, and it is so time consuming, and you end up missing a lot of posts. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but it has killed our board. I would hate to see that happen here. Just my 2 cents.
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so far the consensus of the moderators is that the Lounge is like "a box of chocolates" (thanks for the wonderful analogy Deb25!) a wonderful mix of all sorts of subjects and threads. To sort it out and organize it means the moderators will have to work twice as hard making sure everyone stays on the subject that is outlined. Most people just hit the button that says view the most recent threads, and go from there. If you tried to read the whole board from beginning to end, though it is fascinating because we were so small once, it would take you months! But my, how we have grown!
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WEll,we've discussed it in the mod lounge as Hissy already said, and the consensus is to leave it as is so far. Deb's analogy of a box of chocolates is super. And the lounge is a fun place, its not supposed to be as organized as say Health and Nutrition or Behavior. It think the more important forums that deal w/ issues of health etc need to be very organized and kept in order. But the lounge is all about mingling and fun, and it works the way it is. Not to mention, us mods would have a very difficult time trying to keep everthing in the proper "place" if it were to be segregated.

Thanks for the suggestion though Lorie! It was very thoughtful of you to want to help out.
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