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Hello, I'm new here. I've got six cats, all rescues from a no-kill UK shelter. My cats range in age from 14 to 3. There are two pedigrees in the gang.
The oldest one's a Burmese. Her 80 year old owner died two years ago. This cat was so savage, both to her owner and in the shelter they thought they'd never rehome her. On her vet card it said "Notes: Demon-cat!" After three days of hissing and howling around my living room, she draped herself over my daughter's shoulder, started purring and hasn't looked back since. Her name was Poppet, and still is because we figured she was just to old to have it changed. She still spends most of her time in the living room, on her bean bag, because she loathes one of my other cats and despite her age will climb any height or leap any gap to get at him! In warm weather she goes out and decimates the local mouse population, much to my amazement, since her last owner NEVER let her out, so she'd never hunted. She only has four teeth left but there's obviously nothing wrong with them!
The next oldest is Mabel (aka 'Head Girl') who is 10. She's been here since she was six months old. She is a very elegant black and white longhair, and, like many socially insecure people is an incredible snob. She keeps the rest in order and thinks the dog was acquired as her pet! She gives the distinct impression that there was some terrible administrative mix-up and she wound up in jail without her papers.
Binky is nine, and we had him from five weeks. He came to the rescue via a breeder whose Persian female was got at by her Burmese male stud. When the female went into season three weeks after, the breeder unloaded him onto the shelter, who hand fed him for acouple of weeks and then called me (yes, they really saw me coming!) He's a huge red and white softy with lovely orange eyes and very little brain. Despite his size, he's so nice that he's bottom on the pecking order, because he never stands up for indoors.
Tessa is six, and a solid brown tabby with a beautiful coat and volatile nature. Only my daughter really understands her. I never see her eat, and she rarely goes out, but she still manages to be overweight. She loves real fur catnip mice and croons loudly to them in the hallway at three a.m. She eventaully tires of this maternal effort and 'drowns' them in the dog water bowl!
Vinnie the Fish is five year old solid red tabby. He was starved by his previous owners. Despite this he is the calmest cat I've ever known. He is completely zen (although he is on a diet because he rather overcompensated for previously missed meals!). He is the cat Poppet tries to murder. He just runs away and never fights back.
Then there's Gustave, who's three, and a Maine Coon with suspect hips. The vet ID'd him, because he had a bottle brush tail and short hair when we got him a couple of years ago and we just thought he had a dash of Persian... Now he's a really handsome brown and white tabby with a fantastic mane and a loopy personality. Always on the wrong side of the door, he has to be locked in when we go out because he follows us.
Anyway, that's my gang. They live with me and my daughter (or do we live with them?) in a house in London with a big garden. I look forward to being part of this group, partly because I'm so sick of lying about the number of cats we have (even my mother thinks I've got three; when she comes over I just say the ones she doesn't recognise belong to the neighbours!). It'll be nice to be among the like-minded who don't think I'm obsessed or defective. I do work, have a kid and a life AND six cats!
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I think it is great you recured six cas! I have five cats of my own all Siamese. Welcome to The cat Site,its a gerat place.
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Welcome to TCS! Hope you like it here as much as the rest of us do!
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Hello! Its great that you have rescued lots of cats! Hope to see you more over in the cat lounge!
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Originally posted by Kaydee
I look forward to being part of this group, partly because I'm so sick of lying about the number of cats we have (even my mother thinks I've got three; when she comes over I just say the ones she doesn't recognise belong to the neighbours!).
That's funny!

Welcome to the site and I'm sure you will enjoy your time here. When you get a chance post some pics so we can put some of your cats names to the faces.

Poppet sounds like a real doll! I love when people say a cat cannot be rehomed and then someone proves them wrong! Good for you for believing in the cat rather than what was written on the card!

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Welcome to the site! As you can tell, everyone here is very friendly and we love meeting new people and their cats.

Trust me, no one here will think you're nuts for having 6 cats. Sometimes I almost feel bad for only having 2 (we still rent and no apartments allow more than 2). LOL You've definitely found a place of like-minded cat lovers here. Please join us in The Cat Lounge where we just hang out, talk about anything and everything and tell all those endearing stories about our cats that those non-cat people give us funny looks for.
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Welcome to TCS! Six cats? Don't worry, no one here will look at you funny for that

LDG, another TCS member, and I have recently started two websites dedicated to feral, stray and abandoned animals. One, www.straypetadvocay.org, is intended to be a clearinghouse for information on low cost spay/neuter and trap/neuter/return programs. The other site, www.savesamoa.org, is a site for rescue stories. It was inspired by the story of Samoa, who was rescued in part to the hard work of TCS members. Sorry for the shameless plug, but we are always looking for stories (and pictures, too). We would love it if you submitted your stories-send them to admin@savesamoa.org.

Once again, welcome to you and your fur family. I hope we hear a lot from you!

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Thank you all for welcoming me so sympathetically. I read the 'Samoa ' thread and was hooked! I'll send you digicam photos of the gang when my post Christmas budget (ouch!) allows me to buy a new one. The last one broke (well, I broke it ...). I'll have to get my daughter the techie to wield the next one! Meanwhile, if any of you want to see the place I got my cats, it's at
It's a small branch of the UK Cats Protection. None of my cats are on it except for my departed darling 'Handsome Harley' who's on the cat photo link there.
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