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Do your indoor onlies wear collars....why or why not? - Page 3

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When I first got Callie, she wore a collar. Mainly because she was an outdoor kitty. That changed when I got rid of the roommate and moved. She's now an indoor only cat and shows no desire to go outside. She's microchipped, too.

Hannah wore a collar for all of 5 minutes, until she got her bottom jaw stuck in it. Decided then and there that she would not wear a collar. Her neck is so tiny I can't find one small enough and I've tried everywhere, including the dog section of the pet store! She's also microchipped.

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I don't like having a collar on her because it makes me nervous..heard too many scary stories. I do have a collar w/name & phone #s on her carrier to put on her if we have to go outside but I refuse to put it on her when she's inside.
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P.Kitty wears a break-away collar with a reflective tag since he is all black. If he got out, and he does try, I'd want cars to have a chance of seeing him. I had gotten him a reflective collar, but he scratched the reflective stuff off, and that can't be good for him. Also we got him as a cat from the pound, and he was absolutely someone's pet before we were lucky enough to get him. I still wonder if his last family misses him and wishes they had had a tag on him..

I've thought about microchipping but read that there are 2 systems, and neither is ubiquitous, so I could chip but if he was taken to a different vet/shelter/whatever, they might not be able to read it. Anyone know more about this? Is it still a problem?
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We had collars on Joey and Kahlua, but we got tired of the bells constantly ringing during their 2 AM Kitty 500...
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I bought collars for all 3 of mine and they don't like them. When i found KitKat she had a collar on and it was very loose but she was happy to have it off and i never put it back on. I live in an apartment and they would have to get threw 3 doors to get outside and down stairs. the other 2 have never like them. Angel and figured out how to turn them around to the clip and chew it apart. Amazing, i watched her do this.
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Isaac has a tattoo so doesn't need a tag. We've had him 4 days now so he's only been inside. I too like the uninterrupted feel of petting sans collar but since I make collars as my very part time job, my kids INSISTED he have a kitten sized collar made especially for him. Since he's grey with some white he looks smashing in red and so is currently purched atop my shoulder, sporting a red bandana collar without the bell.
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