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probably a silly question...

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When changing between foods to you have to switch them gradually? My parents cats food was often swapped with different foods because he would stop eating one brand and only eat a new one, and he is growing old gracefully and doing fine.

We dont buy the cheapest food, and we check the ingrediance for to much corn etc, we are currently feeding Mellow Authority, this is what petsmart was feeding him, (he was a rescue cat there) We went shopping last night to the USAF base because my husbands in the airforce and everything is better priced there and we decided Purina One seemed not bad, as they didnt have Authority.

Now I am not looking for advice on the brand just the way to swap the foods over, how neccasary is it to swap them gradualy and why, how over what time frame etc...

Oh and another thing I grew Mellow some of that sweet grasss stuff you can get in pet stores, thought it wouuld be nice for him, he was just pulling the grass out and not actually eating it...any one elses cat actually eat the grass?

Thank you
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Mixing over is for the benifit of the tummy... some cats it is a non issue others will have major issues if not grudually switched... I would go slow as you are introduceing by products into the mix

all my cats have eaten grass , Zoey prefers her s from outside
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My parents cat eats the grass too, I think ill post some pictures up later with him trying the grass and spitting it out, he pulls a funny face lol

Thanks for your answer I mix them out slowly just incase he has any problems
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I also pull outside grass and bring it in to my babies. No fertilizer or weed killer. The one cat goes crazy and the other ignores it. It is good for their tummies.
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Yes, go slow. Look at my thread about IBD ... this is what gave my most recent his (current) first flareup! His mate (whom I lost Jul 4) had allergies and IBD and they stopped making his dry food ... so I had both on just wet food ... and when Roland died, I bought Walter some t/d for the CRUNCH.

Well, he got crunched. $1100 of ICU, and two meds, three brands of prescription food, and 3 weeks later, he seems a little better ... and 2 lb thinner.

So yes, do introduce new foods GRADUALLY.
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With dry foods, its better to switch gradually UNLESS you are feeding more then one and the cats eat both anyway. With canned you just feed one can on one day, another on the next day.

I've never had a problem switching brands on the canned food, but have on the dry. In fact, we have 3 different brands of canned food right now and they are rotated.
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