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Any Acme refugees here??

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Hullo to all you Cat Lounger folks!

I am from a board called Cats Window, that was run by AcmePet (which is run by PetSmart).

Today they decided to give us one hour notice before closing the boards for good. They had a lot of boards there, for all different types of animals, and then several oards for each type of animal. So there are a LOT of people wandering around right now looking for each other, and looking for a new home.

I was checking out this site earlier, and think it might be a good alternative for us - hope you guys don't mind! It's very disconcerting to suddenly be "homeless"!!!

Anyway, maybe some other Acme people will show up here.

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Welcome! Sounds like we might be getting a whole hoard of new people here!
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hi there-

I am an original Acme Poster joined in 1999 (or thereabouts). Welcome to TheCatsite!
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Welcome! Why don't you go over the the New Cats on the Block too and put a post there as well so you can get a proper TCS welcome!!!
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I surfed Acmepet often, but didn't post much. I hope more Acme people give The Cat Site a try. I think they'll like it, once they get used to the different message display style.
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Hey, cool! More people to meet and talk with!

Don't worry about feeling 'homeless'. I never checked out Acme, so I don't know what it was like there, but this place has become my second home. Everyone is VERY friendly and helpful, and I feel like I've made a lot of new friends here.

I hope to hear more from and about you, and your furkids. Welcome to TCS!

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