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Just saw Beautiful Mind. all I can say is WOW. What an amazing love story. I cried several times.
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We went and saw Time machine last night, and I'd have to agree with the others who saw it, it was disappointing, it got a little better right at the end, but all in all, it wasn't that good.
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I just rented Tortilla Soup. Wow! I loved it.
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I was wondering how that one was...I will have to rent it now. Thanks.
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Ok I just saw "Thirteen Ghosts" last night.... and I have to say... (call me a wuss if you must!!) that it really freaked me out!! It had some amazing effects and had me jumping outta my seat more than a few times!!! EEEEKS!!!! Some of the ghosts were a little lame, but OMG there was this one.....:paranoid2 :disturbed !!! It was a great scary film but one I won't be watching again.....eeeee.....(It was only rated a 15 over here, if I'd seen that at 15 I'd have been sacred to death!!!!) Anyone else seen it? Its kinda similar to House on Haunted Hill....
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Just recently rented Jay andSilend Bob strike back. It wasn't as great as Dogma, but it had it's moments. I do have issues with movies who over use foul language - there was way too much in this movie.

I saw (didn't like) the Royal Tennebaums. Great cast, odd movie!

Didn't like AI - found it to be very depressing.

Love Fast & the Furious.

Fav movie of all time is a classic Danny Kaye, Basil Rathbourne & Angela Lansbury flick, "Court Jester". I feel that this is one of the funniest movies ever made!
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Ady, I thought AI sucked too, they seemed to drag out the ending for aaaaaages!! I thought it was un-realistic and boooooring, not to mention depressing! Very disappointing, wanted to go to bed halfway through.....
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Yesterday I rented 'Soul Survivors', 'Joy Ride' and 'America's sweethearts'

I wouldn't recommend any of them. Joy Ride, was probably the most interesting of the 3 and the dvd came with a bunch of multiple endings. that was pretty cool.
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You know, I went to see Soul Survivors at the cinema not so long ago.... but I don't even have the faintest idea what it was about!!!! hahaha!! Must've been real good...!

(AP - refresh my memory??)
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4 friends from high school are in an accident....3 survive, one doesn't. The whole movie the girl who was driving is haunted by her deseased boyfriend. There is a twist at the end...

does that ring any bells? I didn't want to give away the ending just in case someone here wants to see it.
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Ahhhh yes, vaguely!!! ahahaha Thanks! I can't remember the ending myself - great, now I'll have to watch it again!!! hahaha
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