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Final Fantasy was really good. I saw it a few weeks ago, and recommend it on the visual imagery alone. Luckily, the story is pretty decent, and the characters are all voiced by good actors.

What is this movie Leon? I never heard of it. I did see Untamed Heart, and was completely surprised by the end, and crying many tears of course. Not that it takes much.
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Bren.1 If I don't get a chance to see Mists of Avalon, I will e-mail you, and maybe I can buy a copy of yours!

Washusama...I agree with your opinion of Traffic...I hated it.
But I also hated Little Nicky.....what was HE thinking??? Ugggggg.

I guess nobody else liked Unbreakable. It wasn't his best movie, granted, but I thought it was intertaining.

Colby...I will have to rent the Contender now!
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Well, I just rented Unbreakable last night. I had seen it in the theater, but I rented it with a friend who hadn't seen it.

I stand with my opinion that I liked it. It was very slow moving, but I thought The Sixth Sense was, as well. I find it to be one of those movies that I didn't really realize I liked until it was over. But it was intriguing throughout, and you really had to pay close attention to what was going on.

I do see where it's not a film for everyone.
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Billie, Is the movie Leon the one with Jean Reno as the assassin? That was a great movie, but when I saw it the title was The Professional. Brilliant film, and Gary Oldman is wonderful, as always.
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How about Arlington Road of Tim Robins, Joan Cusack & Jeff Bridgess?? I think that movie was also great ! But I wouldn't watch it again because the subject was too realistic & disturbing for me
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Bren.1 I can't for the life of me remember who the hec starred in Leon (duh ) but it was about a bloke who kinda adopted young a girl and trained her to be an assassin - it was a very cool film... (not that I can remember alot about it to be honest - just that I liked it!!) its a kinda action packed/sentimental type film (if that makes sense!) veeeeeery gooooood (Billie - HELP!!)
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BodLover, That is the film I was thinking about, and I thought the same thing. It's one of those movies I'd be happy to watch again.
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One of my friends was supposed to bring it over, but for the 4th time, he forgot!!
I guess I'll never see it!!
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I know how you feel!!!!!!! I want to see it so bad! I am also afraid I never will....
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cant wait for 'panic room' to come to theatres, i love jodie foster, and just the name panic room
- i love it!

last movie i saw at home... :confused3 hmm...

i watch so many i cant even recall.

though i did see the time machine in the theatre (cameron dragged me there) and i wasnt impressed,
when you think of the kind of script they *could* have had... dissapointing.

but the idea turned me on.
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Artificial Intelligence........bleck! Rip- off movie, started lame and ended up worse. Was surprised to because of being a speilberg, but oh well. Would of rather watched Disney's Pinnochio

Hardball with Keanu Reeves. GREAT movie, based on fact though and well, just bring your kleenix boxes........

We still have Hard Castle with Robert Redford and The Heist to watch.
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i agree, Artificial Intelligence was horrible, i saw it in the theatre awhile back and desperately wanted to leave half-way through
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I am disappointed to hear Time Machine wasn't very good. I will still go see it though, you never know, I might like it. I LOVED Gone in 60 Seconds and you hated it, so maybe my taste is just weird...:LOL: I really want to see Panic Room also!! I love that kind of stuff!!!

We watched Soul Survivor, I was disappointed with it, too. They could have done more with it, but it is at least worth renting once, I think.
We also watched "O" which wasn't too bad. Kinda sad though. I love Julia Stiles!

If you like comedy, we watched Rat Race, and I loved it!! It was really funny, IMO.
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I am really disappointed about The TIme Machine, too, although I haven't seen it yet. It looks so good on the trailers, and I love Guy Pearce, he has been incredible in every other movie I've seen him in.

I saw the trailer for the next Star Wars movie, it looks much better than The Phantom Menace. I am one of the few among my friends who doesn't complain about that movie. I liked it. And I am so ready for more Star Wars.

Probably the best movie I saw recently was Legally Blonde. It was really funny, although way over the top. I liked it, and a bigger surprise is my fiance picked it out. He usually goes for the sci-fi, which I also like, so I was impressed.
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I really liked Legally Blonde too! I didn't think I would, it looked cheesy, but it was pretty good!!! Alot better than the Princess Diaries, which I hated.
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E.T. is coming back!!! I wonder if they will make a E.T. sequel like they do with all the other movies that have come out.

I want to see the Other Side of Heaven.
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Gosh, I saw E.T. when I was 5! Now, I have a five year old of my own I'm taking my kids to the theatre to see it when it comes here. That'll be neat to have them see it at the same age I was- in full theatre style
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I was also dissapointed with Unbreakable.
Has anyone seen Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? It is based on Homer's Odessy, set in the rural South during the 1930s. I usually do not care for George Clooney, but he was great in this. It is probably the best movie I have seen in years.
For you indie film fans, check out Six String Samurai. If you like rock n roll and dry humor, you will love this film. The soundtrack is done by a Russian surf band called The Red Elvises. They rock! They are apparently the highest paid wedding on the Camchatka Penninsula. I have shown it to a lot of my friends and haven't gotten 1 that didn't find it hysterically funny.
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Originally posted by bren.1
I love Guy Pearce, he has been incredible in every other movie I've seen him in.

Yummy!!! I love me some Guy Pearce!!!
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KrazyKat2 - I've seen O Brother where art thou!! I thought it was good too!! I was laughing the whole way through!! I don't usually go for George Clooney either, but you're right, he was good in this film!! Oh and also, I thought he was good in Oceans 11 too, though I never quite understood why on earth Julia Roberts was in that film!??!!? hahaha.. it was good though....
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Has anyone seen 'Best in Show'? I finally saw it on sunday on HBO. It was LMAO funny.
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I just saw "Best In Show" on HBO, too. It was too funny. And I though us cat owners were nerotic!
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Oh, I've been wanting to see that!

Last weekend, we rented "Rat Race". I thought it looked really stupid, but my boyfriend wanted to rent it, so we did. It was actually really funny. Totally brainless comedy, but the whole thing was sooo funny! Definately a great non-thinking movie!
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The Mothman Proficies was a pretty good movie. And recently, I saw Snow Dogs with my friend and her little one...it was entertaining for the kids.
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I recently saw A Beautiful Mind and I Am Sam...both excellent movies! I reccommend them to everyone.
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Anybody seen 'Driving in Cars with Boys' ? I rented it tonight. I usually like Drew Barrymore's acting, so hopefully its a good one.

I LOVED the movie Rat Race. Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)is hilarious!!!
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We went to see Time Machine. It never quite got off the ground. I was pretty disappointed. I missed Lord of the Rings at a theatre. I really wanted to see it on the big screen, but will have to settle for a rental.
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Just had to add that I agreed with you guys...I really liked Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

I also LOVED Rat Race!!!!!!! I laughed so hard, especially when Jon Lovit's daughter pooped out the window, and also when they landed in the war veterans convention and he looked like Hitler!! :laughing:

What a great comedy!!!!
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Just saw Chocolat on Starz. It is a cute movie, but is more of a chick flick than most guys would care for. Recommed it for the girls.

Lord of the Rings was a fantastic movie - can't wait for it to come out on DVD, and really can't wait for the next two!
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Lord of the Rings was awesome! I could've sat through all 3 at once!
But I guess I'll just have to wait.

And Oh Brother Where Art Thou...I had to buy it! We thought you was a toad! And who knew I liked 'old timey' music so much!?
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