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I really loved Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It was so refreshing to see new faces, and an un-Hollywood movie. I also saw Memento recently, and although it took a while to figure out, it is a great flick, very unusual, and Guy Pearce is amazing. One of my favorite recent movies has to be Traffic. It really made me consider the truth abouth the illegal drug trade, and Benecio del Toro's performance was absolutely perfect.
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"Unbreakable" was way too slow for me. Has anyone seen "Proof of Life" yet. It was great! For all you women, it's a great movie to watch with a man. The storyline is good enough to interest a woman, yet a lot of action for a man! Besides Russell Crowe is so hot!
Oh and "Pearl Harbor" is reaally good I though. Ben Affleck in that uniform....
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Although I didn't see Proof of Life or Pearl Harbor yet, I will agree that Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck are something to look at! They are also hugely talented, so I can be justified in seeing their movies, and my fiance doesn't need to know my ulterior motive. I recently watched Chasing Amy again because Ben A. was in it. It's a funny/serious movie written by Kevin Smith who also wrote Clerks and Dogma. Dogma is hilarious, and you get to see Ben again, but it might offend some people because of its treatment of Catholicism.
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Bren.1; You like Ben Afleck. So, did you see "Bounce"? Do you like Ben Stiller and Edward Norton? Did you see "Saving Grace"? I enjoyed that one a lot. . . .
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Threeleggedcat, Yes I did like Bounce, but never saw Saving Grace. I think Edward Norton is one of the best actors around. I thought he was brilliant in Primal Fear. Wasn't he also in American History X? I am neutral on Ben Stiller. I am also a big fan of Kevin Spacey. He strikes me as a highly intelligent an funny guy, as well as hugely talented.
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not really recently (but this is the only movie I have muchto say about right now) I saw A Knight's Tale with my mom on Mother's day. The story was ok...it was definetly a teenager chick-flick kinda movie. but it had Heath Ledger in it, and he's very nice to look at, so I loved it.
Oh, and I almost forgot! We watched The Power Of One in English class awhile back. I remember being really embarassed cuz I ended up sitting there in tears (one other girl was too, thank goodness) in the middle of class. but other than that, I really liked it. It sent a powerful message out. and I don't think I'll ever forget the quote Mr. Mendenhall made us decipher..."Little beat big when little smart. First with the head, then with the heart." I liked that.
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Bren. 1; Kevin Spacey in "The Usual Suspects" blew me away! If you have not seen it; I highly recommend this "keep you guessing 'til the bitter end" mystery.
Usually I like everything I have seen Kevin Spacey do, but I was NOT fond of "American Beauty" but I don't think it was because of his performance; I just did not appreciate the subject matter!

Michelle; Everyone should see "The Power of One" !!! Don't you think the ending left things open for a "follow-up" type of sequel??? I hope they make one. I cried when I saw it and I was 50yrs old!
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Michelle, Don't be embarrassed about crying in a movie. I have cried at more movies than I care to remember! I'm sure The Power of One was among them, because that was a great film.

Threeleggedkat, Yes I saw The Usual Suspects many times. It's one of my favorites, I own it, so I used to rewind the ending just to watch the unfolding of the clues, and Kevin Spacey limping down the street at the end.

I did like American Beauty, but I saw it as a satire, not a real depiction of family life. I hope we're not that dysfunctional as a society. Ireally liked Kevin Spacey's character, although he was going through a midlife crisis, I thought he was the one adult who had a chance at being semi-normal.
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Chloe....Proof of Life was an AWESOME movie!!!!!! I loved it!!! Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe, really heated things up, though I am glad she(Meg) never actually did anything she shouldnt have....no matter how attracted to him she was..........
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anyone else see this? I saw it last night & I loved it. It's one of those feel good movies, that when it's over your faith in this world is renewed.
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Just went to the drive-in to see Jurassic Park III. It wasn't as good as the original, of course, but the Raptors were cool as always. The Pteradactyls were awesome as well. The drive-in is the best, so fun to sit outside and watch a movie.

Last night we watched Saving Silverman, which was hilarious, although not very believable. Worth seeing, though, if you like silliness.:tounge2:
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I have seen Jurassic Park & Bounce & didn't like them both Unbreakable was an OK movie & I liked Proof of Life (especially because of Russell I guess :tounge2: )

I have seen American Psycho on HBO recently. I didn't understand what happened in the movie ?? Did anyone see it ??

My big time movies are Matrix, 6th Sense, The House of the Spirits, Sense & Sensibility, Gladiator, The Crow ( I know it's a chick flick but i loved it ), Generals' Daughter, 12 Monkeys, 5th Element... :icecream:
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The Crow is a "Chick flick"? When I think of Chick Flicks I think of those teenybopper movies, or maybe even romantic comedies.

Anyway, American Psycho confused me at the end too. Was it all in his head or what? Maybe I should check out the book.
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OK I don't know if anyone wrote about this and i know the film is old but I'm not much of a cinema goer so I'm usually lagging behind. I recently saw Perfect Storm and was overwhelmed by it!!!!
Did you like it???
I also saw Chicken Run and though it was funny
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Billie, Yes I saw The Perfect Storm and loved it. I would recommend the book by Sebastian Junger, of course it gives a lot more detail about the Andrea Gail and fishing in general. Even though I know what the outcome would be, it was a fascinating book.

Dodo, It sounds like we have similar tastes in movies. I really loved The Matrix, I want to watch it again, as well as 6th Sense, The Usual Suspects, Braveheart, The Ref and most sci-fis and period chick flicks.
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has anyone seen The Contender?
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Has anyone seen AI (Artifical Intelligence)?
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Colby...no I haven't seen that one....is that the one with Woody Harrelson, and it is about boxing? A friend of mine told me it was really good. By the way, I probably should have just PM'd this....but since were both here, I just want to say real quick, that I miss your phone calls, and I feel like maybe I have done something to offend you, and I want to deeply apologize if I have!!!!!! You are such a kind, intelligent, loving person, I can't say enough good things about you, and I hope that whatever I have done, you will forgive. It seems like after Blue and I got into it a month ago, you have not felt the same towards me, but I am probably just being paranoid. Anyway, Blue and I mended our fences, and I really miss your friendship, Colby....I hope you will forgive me if I have in some way offended you. I you very much!!!!!!! If I could call you I would, but my husband keeps a close eye on any telephone calls I make, and a call out of state would risk too much explaining.

Anyway.....sorry to take over this thread with that totally off the subject stuff, guys....so to get back onto the subject.......

Has anyone seen Unbreakable with Bruce Willis??? I really liked it, it is worth seeing, but not your normal Bruce Willis type movie...it is a little hard to follow, you really have to pay attention...but I liked it.

Also.....one other quick question....the movie that was recently played on TV, on TNT, "The Mists Of Avalon" does anyone by any chance have this movie taped? I missed it the night it was on, and I saw it was on last night, again, but my husband wouldn't let me watch it, because he was watching something else...and I couldnt tape it, because, I can't watch a dishnetwork channel,and tape another. And i get TNT through dishnetwork.
Well enough of my whining, but if anyone has it on tape, I would pay for it!!!! I really, really want to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby, The Mists of Avalon should be on a few more times on TNT, they always repeat their movies. I do have it on tape, if you're interested. It may also end up in Blockbuster one of these days, like a lot of miniseries.
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The Cell, - I give 4 thumbs down (yes that HOW BAD I thought it was)
Jennifer Lopez is a horrible actress.

What Women Want, - it was ok, had a few funny moments, but the ending was stupid. :indiffere

Dr. Dolittle 2, - I liked this movie, it was really cute!

Planet of the Apes, - had good effects, and like 2 funny spots..and that's about it, I was severley disappointed. It also had a supid ending.

Traffic - horribly stupid, and pointless movie, really boring, "waaah, my daughter is a crack hoe" *SMACK*

Little Nicky - A heck of alot better than I was expecting. Adam Sandler is awesome!
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Unbreakable - Oh was I pissed after this movie. I was SOOO disappointed. It made me want to barf, If my boyfriend would have let me, I would have demanded my money back!
I like comic books, but this movie was just stupid. I almost fell asleep 3 times during this movie. Oh I can't describe the extent of sucky-ness, horrible! BAH!
I want to slap Bruce Willis and Samule L. Jackson! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???!!!! Do you need money that bad??
:confused2 :disturbed
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WashuSama, You're a really tough critic. I agree with you on The Cell, it wasn't that great, but I didn't totally hate it. I had no expectations so I wasn't disappointed.

And yes, Adam Sandler is hilarious. I always expect his movies to be terrible, and I always love them, especially The Wedding Singer. That whole 80s thing brings back many memories.:tounge2:

But Traffic? I thought it was brilliant, the way the stories interconnect was unusual, and it gave me a lot to think about regarding the illegal drug trade. And Benicio del Toro was fabulous.
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the contender was a polictical thriller starring Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges & Gary Oldman.

it was nominated for an oscar.

NO ONE on here has seen it except me?!?!?!?!

I feel like I'm talking to myself (except for you Debby )
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AP, A friend loaned me The Contender, and I have heard only good things about it. I'll let you know my thoughts when I've watched it. I love a good political thriller, as long as it's not a real life one we are bombarded with every time we turn on the TV.
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Gary Oldman is my favourite!!!
I have troubles with movies sometimes though because they have funny translations from time to time that have nothing to do with the original name of the film.
But have you seen Leon????
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The Contender was a truly great film. I thought Joan Allen was brilliant. I wish some of our real politicians had her integrity. It certainly seemed to be an accurate depiction of politics today.

I do think that in a similar situation, the attempts to discredit a woman would not work against a man. Sad but true.
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Benicio del Toro was good in "Fear and Loathing"
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Billie, yup I've seen Leon! I love it! Washusama!! how could say that "What women want" had a crappy ending!! ooooh it was such a good film!! I really it!! It had me laughing pretty much all the way through!! I would totally recommend this film its great!! (of course it is....Mel Gibson's in it... )

I have to agree though, that I thought "The Cell" was pretty crappy, I think they should've spent some more time/money on the plot than all the effects!! Pants!!

Has anyone seen the film "Untamed Hearts" - its quite old really, its got Christian Slater in it (and its a tad cheesy), but boy did it make me BLUB (Thank god for waterproof mascara!)

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Ps, Unbreakable!!! What a let down!!!!
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Unbreakable was very disappointing I fell asleep during this movie.. Craig and I rented it .. and I fell asleep. It was way too slow for me. Thumbs down.

Planet of the Apes was awesome. I loved it... the ending could be confusing to some people.. but I understood it.

Cats & Dogs was a major let down for me. I was hoping for it to be funny and have a lot of action. It wasn't.

The Score was an excellent movie. Edward Norton was fantastic as was Robert Deniro (sp).

The movies that I can't wait to see are...

Lord of the Rings and Final Fantasy.

I'm so anxious.. FF I'm gonna be checking out this weekend I think.
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