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Movie or Video Reviews

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I thought a thread for movies or videos we have seen recently and our opinions on them would be nice...

I'll start with Joe Dirt......I really like it!!! Thought it was funny!!!!!
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this is a great thread Debby, i thought of this awhile ago
as well, and completely forgot!

hmm... well, last movie i saw was... Miss Congeniality(sp?)
we rented that sometime last week, while it doesnt land
in my favourites list, i thought it was entertaining enough,
a warm kind of movie
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How I keep getting sucked into these threads when I ought to go to bed is beyond me.

Last movie I saw was Crocodile Dundee 3. It was ok, but nowhere near the caliber of the first 2. Kids enjoyed it.
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i have a question to anyone who's seen Bridget Jone's Diary

i read the book when it first came out (and loved it) along
with the second when that came out, i wonder, is the movie
good? worth seeing? i dont want to be incredibly dissapointed -
because i've read the books, and i thought they were great.

it happened with Hannibal, i read it first, then saw the
movie, and the movie was soooo bad, i could barely sit through
it, though, it would have been bad regardless of whether i
had read the book first, it was disappointing because the
book was pretty good.
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Yu will not be dissapointed with the movie, it is great, I read the first book aswell. Of course as with all movies they cannot fit it all into the space of 90mins. But it is so funny you will have a good laugh.

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thanks Spike! that makes two positive reviews, you and my
best-friends mom enough to go see it in the theatre,
i really cant wait!

and with that, it's time for bed, i am exhausted!
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I've already weighted in on this, but I feel strongly enough that I have to say it again-

For those of you who enjoyed The Mummy, The Mummy Returns will NOT disapointed you. It had all the action/advention, suspence, comedy, romance and breath taking special effects of the first one. In fact I thought it was even better. I'm going to go see it again.

Blue, I saw Bridget Jones Diary. I haven't read the book but I really enjoyed the movie. It's a nice little comedy.
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i know i've already weighed in on this

airprincess, you're hilarious!

well, my best-friend is dying to see it, so we are going
sometime this week or next, i'll let you know what i think
as soon as i see it!

Bridget Jones Diary

you should really get the book by Helen Fielding - it's
great entertainment, and probaly, like all books, a thousand
times better then the film.

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The last film I saw, just a few days ago, is The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. Directed by Nunnally Johnson, it was released in 1956. The chief actors are Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones and Frederick March. I consider it to be a very good depiction of workaday-world home and office life a la the 1950s, made more interesting for me by Gregory Peck's flashbacks to scenes of combat (and erotic love) from the Second World War. There are several sub-plots which, in contrast to cinematic convention, are not neatly tied up during the course of the film.

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I recently saw The Cell on DVD and found it to be an entertaining Indie film. The story was rather unique in regards to a lab that is trying to help a child who has regressed into himself and into his own mind and a therapist attempts to go into his mind through a mental link. This all wraps around this same therapist (Lopez?) who must go into the mind of a killer.

It was a compelling story, but not a "WOW" one. But, it is certainly worth taking a look at.

I give THE CELL out of 4.
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I saw the cell in the theatre & I have to say I was less than impressed, but that may be because I had expectations. visually it was really cool but I found the plot to be weak. I like a little more meat in my story lines. I would have liked it if they had developed the killers character a little more (besides all the pschodelic mind shots)
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I saw this one in LA about a month ago. My friend really liked it, I alas did not. Even the yummy Pierce Brosnan could not save it for me. It has recieved good reviews & I have heard others say they enjoyed it. It was a bit too cerebral for me. I also had trouble following the accents & understanding what was being said. The plot was interesting though. for those of you who like movies off the beaten path and like a break from blockbusters with big budgets & even bigger special effects you will like it.

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I don't go out to theatres. I have to wait til movies come on Pay Per View or rent videos. A movie I came across on cable late one nite last week was "The Power of One". It was an excellent story of a young English boy raised in South Africa pre WWII. He becomes entangled in the African Nationalist vs Native Africans struggle for equality. I can't even remember the stars of it, but several of them I had seen in major movies before. Why I can't remember their names I don't know; maybe they will come to me later. Anyway, if you run across it, watch it, you will not be disapointed.
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The Power of One

Yes I must agree good movie, but even better book. One of those books you cannot put down.
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Last evening our daughter rented What Women Want with Mel Gibson. I must say I was disappointed for the most part. There were a couple of good scenes, but not enough.

I did think Helen Hunt looked better in this movie than I've ever seen her before.
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Simbas mom, so it was disappointing huh? Crap...I was looking forward to that one.
I will probably check it out though, but at least I am forewarned!!!

I hated The Cell (sorry Chuck)... just my opinion.
I too had great expectations for it, and felt it left much to be desired!!!!

Blue.....I know EXACTLY what you mean about Hannibal!!! I loved the book and was so disappointed by the movie!!! They didn't even have that guys (can't think of his name) sister in the movie at all!!!!!!! The one that was a lesbian, and wanted him to father her lover's child, and choked him with his eel. I hate it when movies are that much different than the book. I realize they have to be a little different, they can't fit it all in...but geesh...stick to the book a little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i hated The Cell too, it was one of the most disturbing movies i've seen.
i came home from the theatre in tears, it really did something to me,
and my roomate had to sit with me for over an hour comforting me, and talking to me

the last two movies i saw were "Antitrust" & "Pay It Forward"

both movies i really enjoyed, but, i definitely reccomend PAY IT FORWARD

i thought it was absolutely amazing, a little slow in the beggining,
but, if you give it time, it will blow you away, and there's no way to
see that movie without crying your eyes out.

Ok, can anyone give me a review of "Quills" & "Requim for a Dream" (sp?)

i'm wondering if i should rent those tonight... ?

Cameron and I are going to be lazy and bring the bed into the living room and
watch movies all night
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That sounds like a wonderful evening, Blue!!!! Wish I was there to snuggle right in the middle!!! ( not trying to be naughty now guys...LOL)

I will definately check out "Pay It Forward" the previews looked good too.

It has been out for awhile on video...but if you all have not yet seen "gone In 60 seconds" with Nicholas Cage (whom I find extremely sexy ) You HAVE to rent it....it is awesome, and I give you my personal gaurantee... (whatever THATS worth ) That you will LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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:laughing: :laughing:

Debby - i saw that when it first was released on video and i hated it!
well, not hated, but, it didnt do much for me

i would love to have you here for a weekend and just be lazy and watch
movies, and eat lots, and talk lots, and do nothing much!

maybe one day

though maybe we shouldnt rent movies together, come to think of it LOL
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WOW! Really you HATED it??? I am in total shock! :paranoid3:

Well, thats okay....everyone has different tastes (worried now about sending you my cd....lol )

But we could still snuggle under a big blanket, eat tons of junk food, and laugh till our sides split!!!!!!!!!!
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I was disappointed in What Women Want, although my 21 y/o daughter liked it.

We both enjoyed Bounce. Has anyone seen it? It's a great movie. Warm, funny and real. I would recommend it highly.

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The last movie I saw had to be a 99-cent rental (probably from 1-3 years ago), but it was over a month ago and I've forgotten what it was! Been too busy to watch any movies lately. I don't usually catch movies in the theater.
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i missed this thread, and since i've been seeing so many good films lately,
i thought i'd reccomend them and see if anyone else has seen them

Duets is a new one out with all sorts of characters, i've seen it twice
in two weeks, and i LOVED this movie (it's a rental)

the plot was interesting and unique in its way, it was laugh out loud funny and
it had the best music and some wonderful moments

(i already downloaded all the songs from the films soundtrack)

for Huey Lewis fans, he plays a big role in this film, as does Gwenyth Paltrow,
different kind of movie for her, i thought, good choice.

Finding Forrester

this one is with Sean Connery (swoooooooons) and is more of a drama.

amazing acting and great storyline, the characters were interesting and unique,
and i just fell in love with them

all around amazing movie please go rent it and tell me what you think

last night i saw Chinatown for the first time, directed by one of my
favourite directors, Roman Polanski.

i found that movie to be way too disturbing at the end where a lot of it comes undone.

a good movie, better then good, just too much for me.

what's the last movie you guys saw, or the last one that you loved?
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I saw TombRaider a couple weeks ago & I was a little disapointed.

I thought it had great potential, but the editing was weak, and the story was a little disjointed. It does have a lot of action, and the stunts are very impressive. that was the best part.

Shrek, was AWESOME. I highly recommend that. In fact I haven't met a person yet who has seen it & didn't it
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I so rarely go to a movie anymore, because I feel so ripped off if I don't enjoy it. So, I have been going the video route.

I am currently hooked on Apollo 13. I guess partly because I have a thing for space, etc. But that movie just gets to me because it really happened! I cry my eyes out every time they splash down.
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Last night my husband and I watched Unbreakable. We were both quite disappointed. We had heard it was along the lines of the Sixth Sense. My brother put it best "It's a bad story told really well."

I'm going to take the kiddos to Cats and Dogs (or is it Dogs and Cats) this week. It'll be my son's first movie in a theater (he's two and half). I've heard it's good, but I have a feeling the cats are going to be the bad guys.
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hmm... i really liked Unbreakable, i saw it twice, it's strange how people react to it,
they either love it, or hate it...


i also loved Apollo13 and for the same reasons

i dont get to the theatre much because the chairs kill my back, but i rent movies almost everyday :tounge2:

i havent seen Shrek or TombRaider, but i'll see TombRaider despite it's bad reivews
just to see Angelina :tounge2:
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Blue - That's exactly what my husband said. You either love it or hate it. I thought Bruce Willis looked awfully darned old. I was very suprised by the ending though.
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I liked Unbreakable, but I didn't LOVE it. It was so slow, but when I got to the end it was a forehead-slapping moment, and then I appreciated the whole movie.

Today my sister's friend brought over an old B&W called "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" with Bette Davis and Olivia DeHaviland. It was pretty good.

I am about to go get the video of one of my all time favorite movies, Freeway, and let my sister's friend watch it. It has Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland. I can't describe it, just go, go, go rent it
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Oh I really liked Unbreakable. It was a movie that made you think. I agree it was slow moving, but when you think about it, so was The Sixth Sense. Once again, the ending made the whole thing.

I saw Shrek. My opinion is "don't bother", unless you're taking the kids, and then it's bearable to sit through. Anything's better than PokeMon.
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