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What's the one place you haven't been?

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What's the one place you haven't been that you hope to visit someday? Mine is Alaska.
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my home on mars, never seen it in person just pics
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Oh there are lots of places.

I would love to go to Australia.
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Japan! DH and I so want to go!
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Egypt! I would LOVE the see the Sphinx and the pyrimids. And, ride a camal. But, I think I'll wait until the world settles down a little...and until we have the money.
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Cool Question...

Okay, I have several, but my top 3 are:
1.) Venice
2.) Hawaii
3.) Alaska
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Regarding Alaska:

Just to let everyone know (my Mom lives in Alaska) go AFTER September 15th. September 15th is the end of tourist season in Alaska, but the weather tends to hold until right around the middle of October. You will pay half for your flight and hotel.

End of travel tips.
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I'll keep that in mind Heather!
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Italy! John and I have been talking about maybe going some day.
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New York City
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There are lots of places I'd love to go to but haven't seen yet. The place I absolutely HAVE to get to someday, though, is Australia.
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I have several - not just one

1. In the USA - Alaska
2. Overseas - England/Scotland/Ireland and Australia
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Rome & Venecia,.......dear ragazza!
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After watching Shark Week, I want to go to South Africa to see those jumping sharks!

I've been to Alaska, it is gorgeous!! I've also been to Hawaii, gorgeous, but to gosh darn hot!
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I`d love to visit Africa, Australia ( Don`t think I could sit on a plane that long though. I get the fidgets ). America. Galapagus (sp?) Canada.
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Scotland, France and Germany!
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Just one place? I have several, but #1 is Italy.

After that would be Greece! Then maybe Israel. Then Turkey. Anywhere that has ancient ruins I guess!
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Cairo, Egypt
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Homer, Alaska
My nephew went to Bible college up there and LOVES it. In fact I think he`s going to marry a gal he met up there and move there.
He says their winters are not as hard and their summers are not as hot as here in MI.....and he says it`s so beautiful that you can even imagine it.
I`m afraid if we ever do go to visit that my Hubby is`nt going to want to come back to ......(I wonder how would you transport 3 cats all that way?)
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I have never travelled, so there is lots of places that I would like to see. I tend to like places with history and am not one to sit on a hot beach, so I would want to go some place where I could actually see things:

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Wow, there are some great places we all want to see huh? now if we could only hit the lottery!
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Brazil and Spain
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
my home on mars, never seen it in person just pics
Borrow E.T's Phone and call em before you go

I would love to go to Scotland and Ireland and see all the castles!
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America. I live less than two hours from the border yet I've never been there.
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I have wanted to visit Scotland for years. My ancestral heritage is Scottish and a version of my surname can be traced back to on of the first recorded clans.
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amercia, orlando. i want to wait untill the kids are a little older though.
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Venice, Italy!!!
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