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Back in the 90's I took 2 courses on wicca at Isis bookstore in Denver/Aurora area. Our teacher was Judith Brownlee who was the Priestess of a Coven in the Denver area. We were invited to participate in the Solstices and celebrations of the year with her Coven. It was a very enlightening experience.

Spiral Dance, Starhawk
Positive Magic, Marion Weinstein (Teaches how to write Words of power Statements) My favorite book!
Any books by Raymond Buckland and Scott Cunningham
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
I've been told i should start this thread, after loosely suggesting it in the shrimp thread I know i may talk about it a bit here at TCS, but i don't walk around the streets yelling out 'witch, witch', in case you're wondering

Well it's 8:30 pm, and i actually really feel like being in bed, with this sore stomach, so i don't know where to start.

A quick intro. I have been interested in different areas of paganism maybe the last 8 or so years. I did my self-dedication in 2003, 4 months after my grandfather, a Freemason, passed away. It was a big step in my life, even though i am non-practising atm. I know of no covens, or fellow Wiccans in my suburb, or further out. There are two Pagan supply stores which are really far away in the city, but when i get there, i feel so at peace, and in the right place. I am a solitaire, and would probably call myself a book witch and hedge witch. A mixture you could say

You guys pretty much know that i have alot of Christian family members, and that has made it very hard to be myself completely. Some people may think that is a copout, and that you should let nothing stop you, but for some it really isn't that easy. Actually having narrow minded people in my family has made me feel very withdrawn, mentally and emotionally drained. (i do not hate Christians, but some people i have met have been very strong about their views, in that any non Christian religion, especially Witchcraft is evil, and that i would burn in hell).

I don't really know what else to say, or where this thread will lead. Obviousely everyone is welcome, but i don't want this to be about politics, just more about sharing experiences, ideas, questions you need or i need (i am still on my L plates in some aspects)

I hope this works *fingers crosses*
Here's one Christian who understands you!

As far as I'm concerned, people should be allowed to practice their religious beliefs, as long as they don't harm anyone. No animals sacrificing, harming people/children, oppressing anyone, holding anyone in slavery,etc. "Do what thou wilt, but harm none."--It's a shame some of those "devout" Christians who look down on Pagans, don't follow that motto. (Ironically, as with many of our Judeo-Christian holidays, practices, etc., I think they have their origins in Paganism--such as our Golden Rule ["Do unto others..."]). I know, for example, that Ukrainian Easter eggs, pysanky, have pagan origins. I used to make them, and I know the symbolism. (My fave is "Christ's [fishing] net" for what used to be, pre-Christian-conversion, "The Goddess's Pubic Triangle". I can just imagine the head-scratching that went on with THAT one, when the Ukraine converted to Christianity around 832 AD, and they tried to meld the Pagan practices into Christian ones--sort of making them politically correct: "Ok, Igor, I can see where we get "The Holy Trinity from "The Solar Cross", but, how do we do "The Goddess's Pubic Triangle"?????"

(My apologies for using the word "pubic" in public--think that's a first for me!)

I've known a few Pagans in my time, also. Pagans are nice people!
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